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3rd Degree Tear Lock Rss

I was in labour for 20hrs, had no drugs and had my baby after just 2 or 3 pushes. She was 8p11oz. But i ended up with a third degree tear as well as other tears on the inside. I have had a lot of pain afterwards and i would love to talk to other mums with the same problem. Thanks & luck to all ~
I was in labour for 38 hours and ended up having to have an episiotomy but I still tore on the inside. It was very painful for me afterwards especially as two days after I got home I split 2 of the stitches. If your bub is 4 months old then you probably shouldn't still be in pain. If you are I would suggest you talk to your health nurse or doctor as there might be something wrong. As the saying goes its better to be safe then sorry!!
On another note how are you enjoying being a mum?
I see you're from sunny QLD too, where did you have your baby??

Nicole, Bayley 3 and Jordan 18mths

I'm loving being a mum. It has its really hard days but it has got to be the best job in the world. I was really lucky and have became really good friends with a girl at gold coast hostipal who had her baby 2hrs before i had mine.

Yeah i have no idea why they didn't give me an episiotomy, I had a massive hematoma that required surgery as well, just recently I had a D&C done because I was still bleeding from the birth and I had Cortisone injections placed around my pubic bones because the doctor thought that my baby’s head may have damaged them on the way out. Gee if just one more person has to look at my private bits i'm going to scream ;(

But more than anything i'm happy thats its just me thats having a few problems rather than bub being sick.
Hi Iceous. I also had a 3rd degree tear with my daughter. It didnt feel back to normal for about 5 month's. I had terrible pain for about 8 week's and thought thing's would never get any better. Make sure you have it checked out again by your doctor.
I am happy to report that thing's do get better and I even went on to have another child this time with out a stitch.....hang in there and happy parenting, Danielle x

Danielle, Qld.

Hi Danielle, I am 22wks pregnant with my 2nd child. I also had a 3rd degree tear with my daughter who is now 20months old. I was wondering whether you were advised to have a c-section with your 2nd child? I have been advised to wait and see at 38weeks if this baby is bigger than my first, she was only 7lb 3oz, that I should have a c-section. It is up to me though. I am still having problems due to the tearing, I keep wondering if it would be better to opt for the c-section.
I would appreciate any advice, thanks, mitchell.
mitchell i am 22 years of age i also had a 3rd degree tear with my first child the doctors called it a 4th degree though,he was 10 pound.I am still having troubles with it also im pregnant with my second child and the doctor told me i will have to see a gyno to see if i can have a c-section.If i can i will be so scared my whole pregnancy of this happening again.I would love to know whats happening for you?

leisa.NSW.2nd pregnancy

hi jean
I just found this web site i have been looking for something like this for 4 years,to talk to girls that have been through what i have.
i also had a third degree tear with my first child he was 10 pound.I still have problems too he is now 4 and im learning to deal with them.I am now pregnant with my second child and im so scared of going through all this again.I would love to go and get checked out but am so affaird of the pain.Hope we can chat more.

leisa.NSW.2nd pregnancy

Hi Leisa, I don’t blame you for being scared of birth again. I really think that tearing is the worst part of child birth. My baby is now 9months and I have had 4 operations related to the birth ! The last operation I had was a “Fenton’s Procedure” which is basically the removal of all scar at the sight of the tear. I only had this done a week ago so I can’t tell you if it’s made life any easier yet but it’s meant to reduce the pain during sex and so on. They have told me that this procedure wont hinder having another baby naturally and may help not tearing again but no one knows for sure. I’ve had Gyno’s that say “Yeah no worries you can have another baby without tearing again” and others that tell me “Don’t risk it at all - have a c-section” The only advice I have is see more than one doctor for advice and it may sound strange but I’ve heard that massaging almond oil into your perineum nightly can soften it so it does not tear. I didn’t do that first time around so maybe that was my downfall. I wish you luck in whatever path you take. I’m also on MSN chat if you’d like to catch up over there I’m “[email protected]
Hello Everyone, I can not relate to you guys as I had to have a caesarean as my baby was breech. I have been hoping next time if or when I have another baby to at least try a VBAC (vaginal birth after caesarean) but after reading what you poor things have been through..............I cant believe with todays knowledge horror things like this still occur. My Mums first birth was just terrible. She tore and was stitched for ever!! But this was nearly 50 year ago. She went on to have 4 more vaginally and had to have her last child by caesarean due to a breech. Caesareans are not a walk in the park but after hearing what you all went through and for how long, a lot has to be said for them.
I hope no one minds me asking a few questions but as I had a caesarean the first time chances are higher for me to have another. What anyone mind sharing with me if anyone did the perineum massage? We were lectured this in our anti natal class but before this I had never heard of it. Does this work is what I would like to know? I guess no amount of massaging is going to help if you are having a 10 pound baby. Did you go public or private?. I am trying to see if there is a pattern or is it just the "luck" of the draw. I hope I am not offending any one and can assure you I am not some sort of sicko getting my kicks but I would like to make an educated decision if and when it is time to discuss my labour plan again.
I wish you all the best and hope everything sorts itself out in no time.
Hi Leisa, well I am now 37weeks pregnant, after much thought and consultations with my doctor and specialists, I have opted to try a natural birth again. The reason for this is simply that whether I tear again or not, I need to have an operation after the birth to repair what was originally repaired. I hope that I haven't confused you. My doctor has given me the choice of elective c-section at any stage right up to the birth. This baby appears to be smaller than my first 7lb 3oz, however if I have another rapid delivery I am still at risk of tearing. I have also opted for an episiotomy to reduce the risk- if time permits. My daughter was born in 1 1/2 hours, from my first contraction.
How far into your pregnancy are you? I hope that I haven't confused or scared you. I have been advised that any further children I have will be via c-section, after I have this repair done.
I hope that I have been of help, and if you would like to talk more, feel free to leave me a message.
Wishing you all the best,
Sharon (Mitchell)
Dear Calebsmum, as far as I know the massaging does work but it’s better if you use almond oil while doing it. I never do it so I think that didn’t help me much. But I do think it depends a lot on how quickly the baby’s head comes out and the size of the baby. My little girl was turning while coming out really fast, the hole thing only lasted about 3pushes. I had my baby at a public hospital but all my other operations have been done at private ones. I’ve heard that using a birthing ball can add to the risk of tearing even though they are meant to reduce the risk- a study in England showed this. There are some really good sites out there that have a lot of stats about how many people tear and why. Well I wish you luck )}i{(
Hi iceous, Thank you very much for your reply!! I feel so sorry for you. Here I was thinking how badly done by I was not being able to have a vaginal birth and then I read your post. I had never heard of a 3rd Degree Tear and I hope I never never ever have to experience it. I did read in another post about the birthing ball and thought that sounded like a better idea than the massage. Lets face it, its not a nice thought having to do either and I must admit I never massaged either. I was so huge I would have been unable to get into any position to be able to do it any way. You have certainly given me food for thought. Thank you very much as I really want to make a decision based on the "real" facts, not just one based on the fact that I felt like less of a woman not being able to labour. I hope things get better for you.
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