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Is Anyone experiencing Sciatic (sp?) pain? Lock Rss

I'm 26weeks and during the last week i have developed this horrible pain in my lower back and down my legs, my doctor has told me its a nerve being pinched in my back where bubs is resting. Its soooo painful, and if anyone elae has it how are you coping with it?
I too have had sciatic pain with both my pregnancies. With my first I ended up getting induced at 40 weeks because the pain had become so bad.

This time it started much earlier though around 18 weeks but luckily I got some relief around 26 weeks and I'm pretty good at the moment.

It's not very nice, I've had to keep DH home on occasion because I couldn't walk with it and couldn't bend over to pick up our bub or even change a nappy. I seemed to get a run of about 3 days like this where I was incapacitated.

As far as treatment goes, I used Voltaren gel to rub into it, heat packs, and my doc prescribed panadeine forte. My doc suggested lying flat on the floor on my back but this made it worse for me. Walking is good also. I think mine would come on from too much laying on a soft bed or soft couch. But when you're pregnant you want to lay around which makes it hard.

I hope you get better soon, 'cause I know how horrible the pain can get. Good luck with your pregnancy.

i've got it but its not too bad..bad enough but no that bad iykwim....

i wouldnt suggest walking though like the previous poster, it aggravates it for me. i find it gets worse. and mine is the opposite, i get it from sitting on hard surfaces and is relieved by sitting on softer ones...

i havent tried any drugs as i dont want to take anything worse than panadol for the pain but hot water bottles help
the pain has eased up, really wierd i still get a pinching pain if i stand up the wrong way and if i have slept on one side for too long but other than that the pain has gone away. My midwife says it was a transition, bubs was finally being forced to move up higher as so far he has prefered it to float around down low. So this week i have actually got a tumm and look pregnant not just fat he he smile
I would suggest seeing a physiotherapist. I had this during all my pregnancies and put up with it till the last one when Hubby mentioned it to his physio and the physio said to go in and see him so I did and with one treatment I never felt it again. He told me that when the ligaments soften it is common for womens hips to move out of alignment. All it took for me was to have my hip re-aligned and it was amazing it cost me $40 but it was the best money spent. Also if your not already doing it when you sleep have an extra pillow to put between your knees, it will help keep your back and hips straight.I had bubs 5wks ago and am still using the pillow between my knees I find it very comfortable.
Hope you feel better soon
Cheers Ness
i had the smae pain on the inside of my upper legs, sometimes when i walked it would give off a big pinch. one day it seemed to pinch all the time & that night my water broke!!! Was it a sign!!

MUM 1, EMMA 20/2/07

hey i had it quite badly and i went to phyiso and seriously all we did were streches and they didnt help......he messaged the areas aswell and they didnt work so in the end i had to bear with the pain its quite unpleasant....


karen,NSW, mummy to Caitlin Born 14 weeks early

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