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Epidurals should i have one? Lock Rss

Hi all i was just wondering about epidurals and wether or not i should get one this time. My first labour was 8 hours which is good for a first but it hurt(obviously) so bad. And i dont know if i can go through it again with no drugs. I had tried the gas and a shot of pethedine but none of that seemed to help.

I just want to know your opinions because i also loved the way i was able to get up straight away and have a shower but the thought of the pain is scaring me!!! I just feel that if i have an epidural then i have kind of cheated in a way. Does that make sense? I would love to hear other peoples thoughts.

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I feel that it is a personal choice when deciding what to do in labour.
I got induced and i tried to have no drugs for as long as i could but i ended up saying give me a epidural and i found it the best thing ever and when i have my second( few years) i will asking for one as soon as i get in the labour ward, i dont feel its a cowards way out as giving birth is huge thing on our bodies and no one should have to feel like they are a hero to do it with nothing.I take my hats of to people that do labour with no drugs but my feelings if you can do with out thats great but if you need pain releaf than thats great to. i guess every one is differant.

good luck with it all.

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hi, i have 5 children and all different labours and births i have drug free births and i have also had an epidural. I am no superwaoman, and get quite frightened and hyperventilate when things start happening so i ask for the epidural most times but usually the births are to quick and there is no time. I also love the fact that after the birth, hop in the shower get dressed and away you go, but with the epi, i had the wardies take me to my bed and the catheta stayed in for a few hours(although i don't think it needed to). I did have a sponge bath by the midwife after the birth which was not that nice, but not really bad enought o turn me off another I feel if you are worried now and frightened like i was/am, there is no problem, you have nothing to prove to anybody, all you need to do is the best you can to get your baby out nice and healthy. I know you feel you may be cheating the whole experience, but its not an easy way out and there is no extra prize at the end if you do decide to go without the epi, we still get those babies. i think i am happy knowing that it is available for me to have, and i wonder if that is enough..i will no doubt ask for an epi this time around also, depending on how quickly this baby comes, and how long it takes the the anethistist (sp) to get down to give me
I had an epidural with my first dd, and was glad I did because she was a forcep delivery. dd2 and dd3, I used the gas and that was really good, when they tried to take it off me I growled at them and nearly bit them! LOL. After having 3 I dont believe in birth plans, they go out the window once you are in labour. Make sure you are well informed on everything and make your decision as you go because you just dont know what kind of labour you will get!Just a bit of info for you, all my dd's were posterior and an epidural does not help with the horrible back labour and stops you from moving into a position that can make the pain better.
Hi Jane73,

I did have an epidural with my first DD.. it failed! So you can imagine how impressed I was with that! lol

I would suggest leaving your options open. Don't commit yourself either way and see how you go. Once you get there, if you decided you need one, go for it and have one! Just take it one contraction at a time, and see how it all pans out!
Good Luck

i went in thinking i would be fine with nothing with my first but 8 hours later I had the epidural and it was soo good. i had the line kept in so i could have top ups, they wore off enough for me to walk un aided every hour and a half, in the end i had to have an em c/s! so they just topped my epidural up. obviously this way i was unable to walk for 12 hours after. but it did bring me great relief during labour!
I went into the hospital with the intention of seeing how things go. I had 8 hours of gas and by that stage I was in so much pain I made it quite clear the epidural was needed. I got the side affects of the epi (the shakes and itching)it also slows your labour down to unfortunately I had the unpleasent pleasure of the tubes slipping out and going all over the bed instead of into me, but the best thing is not being able to feel any of the pain grin grin

I had a long labour with my 1st baby, lasted 28 hours from start to finish, but only 16 hours of extreme pain. I had the gas and the pethadine and i also found them useless. I had a spinal block inserted 3 different times til they found the spot, but once it worked the pain was gone instantly. I was able to get up and walk around straight after the birth. I think its a individual choice to wether you decide to take pain relief or not. It all depends on the individual. I felt funny about taking the epidural at first, but dont regret it at all. I needed it as i couldnt bear my back pain anymore, and the pain relief is there to help us so i believe that why go through the pain if you dont have to. The epidural isnt harmful to the baby. I'm due in in june to have my second and this time around i am just going to go for the epidural straight up. Works a dream. Just go with what you feel at the time, hope i helped. Goodluck

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all i have to say is YES YES YES YES


I had one with both my girls and have told the docs that i want the anastesilogist (thik that is correct) at the bed waiting when i arrive

Mind you i have had really long labours with both girls the first was 32 and the second was 72 hours so i needed them. I was dead against them before i went into labor with the first but after thy gave it to me i was so relieved and as for afterwards i pretty much got up within the hour to shower i had no probs (well besides the peeing after that no one tells you about hehe)

Up to you though

each birth is so different, deciding how much pain you are in when you get to the hospital is probably the best time to decide if you want one.

With my fist I had a really long labour and about 10 hours in I got an epi, it worked wonderful until the had to give me the drugs to help along the labour, they had to change the medication several times but once they got it working again it was blissful, i even got a couple hours sleep in around the 22-25 hour mark.
With my second I had been very ill and had only just come out of the hospital about 10 hours earlier and they were reluctant to give me an epi cause of risk of infection. Once all the blood tests hgad gone through then and only then did they bother trying to get the anethistist I only had the epi for maybe 2 hours and then it only work on one side.

the choice is totaly up to you and if the medical staff will allow you to have one, dont listen to anyone other than them on if you shouldnt have one when you ask for one.

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I had a 16 hour labour with DS and only gas. But. I'm not superwoman and I don't wish pain like that on anyone! I'll definitley ask for an epi this time.

Jack-man 3 June 2006

I had them with both my first ones. I had the intention oif goin inot this labour with no pain relief but like u guys have said, as long as the baby arrives healthily it doens tmatter what we choose. I will prob ahve an epidural given the chance and my hubby has said when i told him i dindt wnat one he sid just ahve one. i wont be able to handle u in pain. Lol so perhaps for his sake I will. though he never stays in the room when the administer it cause he hates needles lol

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