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Successful VBAC anyone? Lock Rss

Hi everyone,
I was just wondering if there was anyone out there who has had a successful VBAC?
I had to have an emergency Caesar due to my son's size. He was a whopping 10 pound 8, and there was no way he was coming out naturally that's for sure.
I'm 24 weeks pregnant and would really like to try a VBAC. I have been reading anything I can get my hands on about it but it would be really nice to hear from someone who has gone through it and understands all the concerns and worries I have right now. Also as well as being able to hear a positive story would be very reassuring.
Thanks in advance to anyone that can help me out.
Laura smile

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I can't help you Laura, but I might be able to in a few months. I'm 32 weeks preg with #2 and I'm also hoping for a VB this time.
I managed to dilate to 8cm last time before my son started to get stressed.
I saw an ob last week who told me that they will treat it as a 2nd labour because I got that far. He told me that they will let you 'trial labour' for a determined period of time and providing you are progressing ok will let you keep going. If things have stalled you may find yourself with another CS though. The reason is that in most labours when progress has slowed down they will induce you with the drip 'to speed it up', but hvaing had a previous CS majority of doctors aren't prepared to take the risks that are associated with this, so that is an option that is not available. The risk with drip induction after a previous CS is that the intensity of the contraction has the 'potential' to rupture your previous CS scar.
The ob I saw last week seems to think that I won't have any troubles this time, as long as bub is in the correct position, which it was as of Friday but it could still turn again. When I was a baby I turned the day before I was born to breech, then that night turned back again.
I will let you know how I go.
P.S. I relied to a post here a long time ago about VBAC, and a midwife reponded to it. I will look for it for you.

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Hi Laura

I understand completely your worries and concerns as I was faced with the same decision not long ago.

My first baby was delivered via emergency caesar due to her position making her unable to descend the birth canal. I had already been through about 40 hours of labour!

My second baby was delivered via successful VBAC! The baby was in the optimum birth position this time around. I laboured for about 9 hours all up, only drugs I had was a little morphine to relax between contractions and suffered a partial third degree tear but am happy to say I would do it all again in a second!

I found it very hard to make the decision but the midwives were extremely supportive and when I was screaming for more drugs during the delivery the midwife kept telling me if I have an epidural the chances of a vaginal birth were very slim. I am grateful now that she did that.

I say if you are confident that the hospital can cope with an emergency and your doctor/midwives are confident you have a good chance of delivering vaginally then go for it. It is an extremely empowering and awesome experience.

The recovery from the tear was nothing compared with recovering from a caesar (especially with a toddler to look after) and now I am not limited to three babies which is generally the limit on the number of caesars you can have without too many complications.

I read a lot on the internet, try and there are plenty of others around. I found it helpful to read other mums VBAC stories too. Your hospital or OB should be able to provide you with lots of reading material.

Remember though that the most important thing is that baby and mum are safe during the birth.

I wish you all the best with the delivery!


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