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HELP !!! Lock Rss

This is a long winded story and I am sorry but I need to get it off my chest... From the start.... Here we go.

I have asked my mother and father to be in the delivery room with me and my husband when our first baby arrives.

My MIL has informed me that she is going to be waiting outside and that maybe my mum and dad can take turns with her in the delivery room (only 3 support people allowed in).....

I think this is very unfair on my parents as they are the ones that I have asked to be there and I know that they will feel obligated to take turns with my MIL during the labour.

I can't talk to my husband about it because he gets very defensive.... How can I tell my MIL that i don't want my parents to have to take turns with her without causing an upset.



This is a hard one.

I guess if you were to talk about it with your DH he would want his mum as well as it is his child as well.
Have you spoken to your mum and dad do they both want to be present. I know some dads would feel uncomfortable about seeing their daughter this way.
Not that you probably want to but maybe your dad may feel cormfortable with just letting both the mums be in their but make sure that he feels very special by offering him the first cuddle or something b4 the two mums.
It does make it hard as only 3 are allowed.

When are you due???? You might find once you are in the middle of it all that you only want your hubby there, or it could end up being a caeser.
I probably havent helped but yes very tricky. Do you get on well with your MIL????

Sydney,twin boys 22/10/04+girl 26/03/02

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