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What to take to hospital - having c-section Lock Rss

Hi i am relitive new to this forum, but was just wondering if anyone can give me some ideas as to what to pack for hospital. I am booked in for a c-section in 2 weeks and was curious as to what others have packed. Thanks
Hi Mel

I had a c section just under two years ago and I would have to say that you will just need to take more than what you would for a vaginal delivery as you are usually in hospital for a few extra days.

I packed the following for both my births:

breast pads
maternity pads
comfy day clothes (perhaps some of your smaller mat clothes as you will have a sore tum)
underwear you don't mind throwing out
clothes and bath time stuff for bub
nappies for bub
toiletries (and make up can sometimes help to make you feel a bit better)
magazines/books to read
cream for sore nipples (I used lansinoh - fantastic stuff)
If you are planning to bottle feed some hospitals require you to take your own bottles and formula

Thats all I can think of at the moment. Good luck for your c section, I hope you have a smooth recovery and enjoy your baby!


4 lovely munchkins DD 10/03, DD 03/05, DS 10/06 &


I didn't know I was having a C-Section & so I just took what you normally would. (even Bonds hipster undies) I didn't have any extra needs except for clothes for the extra days in hospital, just a little advice on the sizes of your clothes you plan to wear afterwards:

Take some maternity clothes, I expected my stomach to be gone immediately & it didn't happen that way. So make sure you take clothes that you wore perhaps when you were 20wks or less. Just give yourself extra room and people won't notice too much if your stomach remains a little bigger for a few days.

Good luck with your op & recovery! I had a great recovery (check out Positive C-Section stories forum for all the datails!)

Hope all goes well for you, bubs & partner!

CJ, SJ 3/03, AJ 11/05, PJ 4/08

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