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Hoping no 4will be another easy birth Lock Rss

1st baby labour was 4hrs no pain meds forceps she was 8lb8
2nd " " start to finish 45min no pain med she was 7lb 8
3rd 4 weeks early 5 hrs he hurt the most no pain med 5lb 5

Hoping I can expect this with number 4 what are my chances all labours have started with a show then waters break pain starts soon after. As I am now considered old 37 I am told it may not be as easy as the last. Oh well maybe drugs this time round LOL.

I think just take Number 4 as it comes, you are so lucky to have 3 easy ones, hoping for you numnber 4 is too and if not then I guess you just join the drug club experience with the rest of us!! hehehe Happy Labouring!! Mine was 25hrs, epidural and LOTS of complications!! Think yourself very lucky!!

2 Beautiful Boys Aug06 & April09 &1 Angel April08

My 3rd hurt me the worst as well, so much so that i made sure i got an epidural for the 4th, which i didn't need for him but could have done with it for the 3rd, apparently it happens a lot with the 3rd baby, so the middies were telling me!! Now up to number 6 they tell me to leave towels and blankets in the car in case of a roadside birth!!!EEEKKK!!
Last baby was 1.5-2 hours all up and i have about 1 hour travel to the hospital (more if there is traffic) so chances are real that i won't make it, so i am worried about this one as well, i have had 2 drug free 1 epi, and 1 with gas ans 1 with gas and pethidine, whoo knows what i'll get this time!! as long as it comes out, thats my birth plan!!
Hi.. Isnt it funny with 3rd labours. Nobody told me they were more painful until after the fact! Since then I have had a fourth labour and "breezed" through it drug free in four hours which was the same time as my third.
[Edited on 30/06/2007]

Amanda NSW

I'm with you tenderheart! Roll on breezy No.4!

Always Awake....I'm aiming for 1 1/2 - 2 hours for this one! (Told you that you are my hero!!! LOL)

For the record, my number 3 was my biggest and by far easiest labour @ 3 hours and 8lb 11oz. No stitches, not even a graze. Am I proud of that???? YOU BETYA


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