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what is it like when your waters break Rss

hi i was just wondering what it was like when your waters break what to expect and what it looks like, and how long before the contractions start? ne help would be good as i really dont know what to expect

Hi Lucy,
For me when my waters broke for a split second i thought i needed to go to the toilet then it just started coming out like i was peeing and had no control over it. I think it was clear but i cant be sure cause i had dark pants on and i was standing on my mums dark carpet. Felt disgusting. All wet. I just kept coming for about an hour. Slowed down to a trickle after 10 min though. Waters broke at midnight and at 12 midday they induced me because labour hadnt started. An hour later the contractions started and 6.5 hours later he has born. Hope this has been helpfull but just remember, everyone is different.
From Juzzi.

DS - 28-5-06, DD 22-9-07

Hi Lucy.

My mum had said that when she was pregnant with me she thought she had peed herself but it was her waters so she didn't go the hospital and only just made it there after the contractions got bad.

I got out of bed at 7am the day after I was due and went to the bathroom and then went to let my bird out of his cage. I bent down to open his door and my waters broke. I thought for a second that I had peed myself but then remembered I had just gone and what mum had told me. It was clear and feels like when you pee.(too much info, sorry) It stopped and then gushed twice more before I got to the hosp. Twice at home(went through 2 changes of clothes) and then when I got out of the car at hosp. My trackpants were saturated all down my legs! I must have looked a sight walking up the hill to the hosp! My contractions started straight away! An hour after waters broke, the contractions were 30sec apart and I was already 3cm dilated. Expect anything! I didn't think it would be so quick. Still, I ended up with a 13hr labour after failure to progress. was 8cm after 5 1/2hrs (12.30pm)but stopped. At 7.58pm I had emergency caesar. When my waters broke, I got really nervous but I was suprisingly calm. DH had gone to work an hour before (6am) so I was alone. I called mum, the hosp and DH and then mum again. It all suddenly hit me when my waters broke. I was having a baby! Oh, I loved that feeling. Good luck! It's amazing what some fluid can do!

I couldn't believe how much fluid there was. I was expecting just like when you go to the toilet (very naive!!) but I had so much fluid that I lost 3 and a half kilos once my waters broke (this is not normal - just one of the strange things that happened to me!!) With my second, I was induced, and my waters were broken by the midwife - there was nowhere near as much, but it does feel like you are wetting yourself.

DS - July 04, DD - Feb 06, DS - Oct 07

i was induced with both my boys with #1 i had contractions for about 1 hr which i thought was braxton hicks but then i felt a big pop in my stomach and i was lying down so got up and i had a gush then labour realy started with#2 the doc broke my water just before i started pushing. its clearish looking and they say sweet smelling (i havent smelt it) but if it looks brown or green call your doc straight away as the baby could have pooed( i forget what its called) and they can breath it in and it can be very dangerous
[Edited on 14/05/2007]
I was told they look and smell like apple juice - I have no idea though - mine broke on the toilet just after I got to the hospital - I had been having contractions since just after 7pm, waters broke just after midnight and DS was born about 10 minutes later. It felt like I had popped a balloon full of water between my legs - they kind of popped I guess. Mine also showed traces or meconium(babies first poo) - as the previous post said - if this is this happens at home then you need to go straight into hospital as it is a sign of the bubs being in distress and also very dangerous for bubs to inhale it.

well i had contractions for 24 hours 15mins apart before my waters broke. it was 1am, and i had got up thinking i needed to go to the toilet. i just made it to the ensuite when no joke it GUSHED like a waterfall. i didn't even have time to turn the light on, all i did was stood there and yelled at DH to get out of bed (did this 3 times before he got up, he just kept going back to sleep). anyway my contractions stopped for an hour before starting twice as bad and closer together (by this time i was at hospital) but DD wasn't delivered until 10:28 am by emergency c/section
hey thanks everyone

least i know what to expect. but do u think that it is possible for your waters to break slowly over a couple of days? cause i think mine might be. i have been losing lots of fluid, but lots more in the last 2 days, it is very clear and lots of it, but i havent had a show. would u say that it mite be my waters slowly breaking

it could be somrtimes it can trickle go see your doc or go to the hospital because once your waters break there is risk of infection. dont want to scare you just warn you.
Hi Lucy, i just started a thread "are my waters breaking" before i found this one... How are things moving along? did it end up being your waters?

with DS, the midwife broke my waters just minutes before he was born... but this morning (well 20mins ago)... a couple of times, i leaked a tiny bit of fluid and i couldnt control it so im thinking it wasnt wee...! i have 3 weeks to go, so hopefully nothing else will happen... but will check with midwife and see whats happening anyway...

Kayden 2, Jace 2weeks

hmmmm well interesting to say the least lol smile i went to the loo early one morning because i felt like i had an upset tummy. i had been sitting down for a couple of mins and felt something wierd hanging between my thighs. put hand down to see what it was and it was a very full amniotic sac.( must have descended as i was sitting down. as soon as i touched it, it exploded literally! it felt so stomach looked quite flat in comparison to what it had.I had to yell at my hubby 3 times before he got out of bed! lol baby arrived 25 mins later, in the car.
[Edited on 15/05/2007]

Dante, My precious lil boy - Born 11 Dec 2006

hey i went to the hospital last night to get it checked as i was worried, turns out that it is my waters slowly breaking, they called it a early show as there was no blood in it. and they said for me to go home have a big feed and a lot of rest as it could start labour in a day or two. they told me to go back if i had a big gush or if i started getting contractions that were starting to get very painful. wow tamsin thats mad i have never heard of that happening but i bet you would have been worried or scared. and i cant believe it was only 25 mins that is so lucky

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