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Finding out the sex of your baby. Lock Rss

Hi all,
Yesterday I had my 20 week scan and I found out the sex of my baby. Its a girl. I found out with my DS but I have heard that with girls they can get it wrong. Has anyone found out the sex of thier baby and it turned out to be wrong?

DS - 28-5-06, DD 22-9-07

i was told with both mine that they were boys and they are, and my sil was told she was having a girl and she did, so from my experience they pretty acurate.

I was told with my last baby that it was definately a girl. I was very excited and did a beautiful pink nursery and had all matching pink outfits. All I can say is thank you ebay or my little boy would have worn pink for months.

Amanda NSW

my first two i didnt find out cause back then u didnt but the last three i have.they were right with the two of now 22 wks and found out im having a girl again.if they werent more than 80% sure they wouldnt tell u.i have to have a another scan at 30 wks so i will get a update then but i put my trust in the ultrasound people,its there proffession.
Overall they don't usually get it wrong, BUT they are human!! I have never heard of anyone being told they're having a boy and end up with a girl but definitely have heard of people being told they're having a girl and it being a boy. The best way to be sure, if you want to know before they're born is to wait till your 28 to 32 week scan as that can be a lot more accurate as if it's a boy his genitalia is more formed and his scrotum has dropped.

Good luck with everything. And I am sorry I had to laugh at the poor lady you had arranged her nursery in pink and ended with a boy... You poor thing. As long as you can see the funny side now smile

I was wondering the same thing? My Ultrasounder said we were having a boy, he had his bum to us, and the cord between his legs so she couldn't be sure if she wasy seeing the end of his penis, but she highlighted a little white bit and said it was part of the scrotum and wouldn't be there if it was a girl. She also said "We can always be wrong" In my conversations it is mainly girls that they get wrong, but my partners family is mainly girls, and he is wrapped and surprised at a Boy (he's a manly man! LOL) kinda worried he might feel disapointment if a little girl greets us on the day.
my best friend they said she was having a girl but it was a boy :| however that works. so i guess they got it wrong on that one

I was told it's a girl so bought so many pink and girls clothes. but lots of older people tells me that my belly looks like it's going to be a boy by the size and shapes.. I dont know how they can tell~ well.. got 5 weeks to go to find out... i hope it's a girl
i had my 1st and only scan at 18weeks and they told me it looks as if im having a girl because of the ridges they saw on the baby "down there" lol.
i am 8 days overdue and ive bought all girls clothing up until baby is 9months!lol
soo hopefully it is a girl i would'nt be disapointed if it was a boy but he'd be wearing pink for a while hehehe!
Oh and i was also told i look as if im carrying a boy!lol?!
how does it "look" like your carrying a certain sex?
hehe people are crazy!lol
fynest-mama thats what i am hearing all the time... everyone tells me it looks like ur carrying a boy... hmm... we'll juss have to wait and find out ^^
Was told i was having a girl as the 3 lines of the labia could be seen. (I didn't realize this, as I thought they assumed it was a girl if no penis could be seen). Also, working with elderly patients while pregnant, and every single one of them (males and females), said I was having a girl, due to the way I was carrying her. I was rather convinced then I was having a girl...... and I did.


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