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What to pack in hospital back for giving birth in? Rss

Hi! Just gathering things to pack into my bag to take to hospital and wondering what others have packed in to be wearing in the final stages of labour and giving birth in?
Hi! I just bought a cheap nightie from Big W to give birth in and it was more than adequate. Just a reminder to make sure you pack plenty of maternity pads, also don't forget your own bar of soap although most hospitals should have a soap dispenser. Just an idea ... those blow up pillow thing would have been great to sit on for me as I had to get a lot of stitches after my bubs birth (not trying to scare you, not everyone tears). Hope this is of some help.

For the final stage of labour I planned on wearing a sarong (sp??). I never got to wear it as my DS was born within half an hour of arriving at the hospital - but i thought that it was light, allowed access to the right areas (sorry if TMI) and didn't matter if i had to throw it out at the end. Some hospitals like you to wear gowns though so keep that in mind too.

I also took some Lucozade and glucose lollies and some snack food in with me for energy – not that I got to eat any of it but DP enjoyed it after the labour, lol. Some music (as they had CD players to use), and a list of phone numbers just in case we couldn’t use our mobiles!

I just wore the hospital gown and then by the end as i was in and out of the shower and the last thing i felt like doing was getting dressed i was just walking around naked!

The midwives have seen it all before! If you have someone other than your partner in there you may want to have a long nighty or something, i never bothered with underwear either as you are having internals and eventually you cant have them on anyway so i just didnt bother!! (sorry if tmi!)

Yvonne, Sadie 31/10/05 Jorjah 08/07/07

For #1 I had a nighty that buttoned at the front. It lasted a couple of hours and then I got too hot so I took it off. I didn't care who was there... My friend that was there with us now jokes about nothing shocking her... she's seen it all.

With #2 I took the same nighty but actually managed to keep it on.

I agree about undies. I wore some on the way to the hospital, as my waters had already broken and I was wearing a pad. When they wanted to check for meconium I removed it all and didn't bother putting it back on. They had on of those disposable sheet things on the bed anyway and after a while the waters stopped leaking so it wasn't uncomfortable whilst walking the hallways.

I think it will be similar this time too.

Andrae,WA - Liam, Siobhan and Erin

I bought a cheap t-shirt style nightie, so that I could walk around the ward in it if I was in labour for ages, and didn't care if it got stained.

I had a very quick labour so didn't walk anywhere and got so hot and sweaty I ended up stripping it off towards the end.

Best of luck!

Joanne, WA, DD 22.05.06 & DS 04.10.07

Hi, I had a big long button-up shirt with both labours, no knickers as everyone has said, so many people want "easy access" and knickers would just be a hassle!
Button up was good cos i could keep it on during labour, but open up after the birth to feed beautiful bubby.
May I suggest , take a shower cap for the days after, cos it is mucky 'down there' and I was always wanting to ahve a shower to be properly clean , and got sick of always drying my hair after a shower.
Ha ha i just remembered, after i had a em-c-sec, I had to borrow my mum's HUGE cotton undies cos all my knickers, the elastic was against the scar and hurt.

3 girls under 3

I bought a long sleeved flanelette nighty (buttons up the front). Just a cheapy from Target.

However I was in the bath most of the time until I had my epidural, and they put me in a hospital gown for that.

I think I wore my nighty only for a few hours.

DD (28/09/03) & DS (05/06/07)

GIRLS TOILET PAPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
there is nothing worse than your bits being the sorest they have ever been and having to use hospital sand paper, which they class as toilet paper
have fun
3 ply toilet paper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DS-20.05.05 & DD-23.11.07

the nice stuff i have three rolls in my bag already, i learnt from last time and i also put some ural in there as doing a wee isnt always easy and that makes it a little easier
To add something different. . . I didn't feel very prepared for the time after my daughter was born. I wish I had packed my face lotion since my face was so dry from the hospital room air (I have sensitive skin so regular lotion is a no-no on my face). Also, give careful consideration to what you will wear after bub is born. Will you be nursing? Do you have your nursing tops? I only had one and needed more! Nursing pads (I didn't need them cuz my milk never came in!!) Comfy pants (to cover up the post-pregnancy belly) and maybe a zip-up comfy cardigan/jumper/fleecy coverup. Slipper socks/slippers. Don't forget your pillow! That's all I'll add. Oh, and I suggest taking some comfy, but older underwear/panties for the first day or two. Nobody will care and you won't be stressed when you get blood all over them.

Mom of two beautiful little girls

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