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breech at 35 weeks Lock Rss

Hi, just wondering if anyone has got any advice for me regarding external cephalic version. I am a first time mum with my baby in the breech position at 35 wks and I am quite a small person. Anyone had any success or advice for me I would appreciate it, ta
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Hi, My bub is breech as well(number 6)... The only advice I can offer in regards to a ECV is to do your research and wait till after 37 weeks if you are prepare to go ahead with it as it increases the chances of your water breaking. Make sure you ask your caregiver how many they have successfully performed as its very hard today to find a person who is skilled in this area. Its really important that the person performing the ECV knows a lot about it as there are risks. If my bub doesnt turn naturally I am having an elective Caesarean as none of the medically staff at the hospital I am going to has ever delivered a breech bub. Good luck and I am sure you will make the best decision for you and your bub.

Amanda NSW

There are a couple of things you can try to get bubs to turn. Get on your hands and knees is a good one. Or try lying on your back with a pillow under your bottom. I have also heard (but haven't tried) that you can shine a torch down low and bubs tries to turn towards the light.
My first was a breech and i also tried acupuncture which has a high success rate for turning. This didn't work for me, but i ended up having a u/s because they couldn't get her to turn and it showed she was a footling breech (had her foot stuck down the hole), so i did end up having an elective c/s as it was too dangerous for me to even go into labour. I have however since had a normal VBAC birth and all went well.
Good luck for bubs turning and the birth of your baby however it happens!

DD3, DD1, EDD 7/11


Hi i agree with both of the ladies above.
My dd was breech and i had the ECV done and it didnt work. I found it extrememly uncomfortaable and painful, and every time they turned her she went straight back to breech.....she was oviously comfortable.

I ended up having a cs, then a successful vbac, and if this one is breech i wont be having the docs try to turn bub.

Goodluck hun, there is still time for bub to turn on her own.
Take care

Good luck with your decision. We discovered that my son was breech at my 39 week check-up. I had the option of having a ECV but I'd been told that it really hurt so I opted for the elective c-section grin Hoping for a successful VBAC this time!
All The Best xxx

I had a ECV done at 38 weeks and it wasnt a very nice experience. The doctor managed to turn my little bubba half way and after a while of trying to get her to keep turning I had to tell him to stop because it was very painful. I had a few bruises and I was very sore after, and felt disapointed because they couldnt turn her. I was kept in for a few hours because my babys heart rate was high. I was booked in for a c-section a couple of days after. If I was to have another breech baby I wouldnt bother with the ECV as it was quite a horrible experience.I thought I would give it a try as I dint want to have a c-section.Its totally up to you and if you do decide to have it done let them know if it hurts and get them to stop.

Taylah 5yrs and Madison 4months

Good morning,

I was just wondering if you decided to try the ECV or not. Or if bub turned naturally for you?


Amanda NSW

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