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2nd Pregnancy not considering epidural Lock Rss

I am pregnant with my second and considering whether or not to hold off on the epidural. My first I had an epidural which was great pain relief because I felt absolutely nothing but I didnt know when I was having contractions and found it hard to push because I couldnt feel anything, even though the midwife said they wore off the epidural. I want to avoid a vacuum extraction which is what I had with my first as it was scary and awful for me. Can this be possible? Has anyone tried birth the second time round without the drug after having an epidural the first time? The mid wife said because I had one the first time I will be begging it again the second time.
If pain management is the issue, you could try the gas or something else. I didn't try anything else so I can't really offer much insight.

I didn't want an epidural with my first labour but when I got induced, I asked for it. My memory was though that I could control the dose - pressing a button when I needed a 'hit'.

My labout ended in a cs so I didn't even get to the pushing stage - I got to 9.5cms! How disappointing ... scrapbooking - ask me about it ..

i had an epidural in both of my labours. i was induced both times.My 2nd bub was posterior and the pain was worse than the 1st i was uncomfortable in any postition except leaning forward onto the wall in the shower with hot water on my back.
i had to wait untill i was 3cms til i could have an epidural. I had one and it was different from the first. For the first i had to push a button to top it up every 15 mins but i was completely numb. They took the button off me when i was getting close to pushing. i never got the urge to push and the midwives told me when to. I felt everything by the time she was born.
In my 2nd epidural i was quite numb but could still feel painful contractions which was relieving although i was begging for NO feeling! when i got the urge to push it was wearing off. my bub ended up getting stuck due to her size and posterior position and i ended up with a big dose of epidural stuff and she was delivered using forceps.
tell the midwives how you feel and maybe they can give you more options with epidurals etc.
I had an epidural with my first pregnancy after trying the gas and then pethadine. I to have considered not having an epidural with my second child as I have heard that with your second labour is shorter and quicker so perhaps I wont need it. However, I will be asking them to prepare me for one just in case the pain is too much.

DD1 - 09.02.04 DD2 - 19.10.07

Hi, I had every pain relief with my first birth, gas, pethadine, epidual. I also had to be cut and had a forcep delivery. With my next 3 births I did them all competely drug free. There was no intervention necessary at all. My advice is keep an open mind and try and go as long as you can before asking for anything. It is amazing how far you will get. I have never heard about needing an epidural a second time beacuase you had it the first time. Good luck.

Amanda NSW

Sounds like our first labours were very similar. I had an epidural but my labour stalled for a very long time - turned out that bub was postirual facing also and was born with a vacuum in theatre momments before they started the c-section. I also couldn't feel contractions but the midwife put her hands on my belly to tell me when to push.

I personally vomit from every other form of pain relief so epidurals are my only option. I am more worried that in labour #2 (about 7 weeks away), I'll be told that its too close and that I can't have an epidural.

You'll just have to wait and see what happens. I know 2 ladies who have had 2 kids, one of them gave birth 30mins after arriving at hospital without drugs and the other took 4hrs but was too close to have an epidural.

Don't even try to make plans, have an open mind and remember that you both survived it the first time, you'll be fine with number 2 onwards also. Think of the reward at the end!

Hi Sharoona. I had an epidural with my first baby... I couldnt feel my legs and found it hard to push... as a result they pulled him out using forceps and a ventuse... Of course they ended up giving me a grade 3 tear. When I got pregnant with number 2 I decided I wanted to go natural... ie no drugs. I have to say I loved it!! Yes, it hurt but I got to experience the whole labour and delivery with more capability. I was given an episiotomy to prevent tearing and I did bleed a lot but that was just me... apart from that I really loved it. This time round I will be having a water birth and once again no drugs!!
Hi, it can be done! Trust your body this time around.

We had a similar first labour. DD1 was induced. I had an epidural at 5cm dialated and labour just dragged on... I ended up having vacuum extraction as well.

I just had DD2 last week and labour all up was 3.5 hours! I went to a hospital that didn't provide epidurals (they don't have a 24hr epi team) This freaked me out at first but I tried not to think about it. Here's how my labour went...

I stayed at home until the contractions were 5 minutes apart. When I got to the hospital I was already 5cm dialated!

I then spent the rest of the time in the shower with hot water on my stomach. I couldn't feel a thing! After an hour I felt the urge to push (you'll know the feeling when it happens). I called the midwife who checked and said I was 10cm! So she broke myh waters and the pushing was on. I knew how and when to push this time so it was much easier than the first. I think I pushed 8 times all up. No stitches! (as opposed to 3rd degree tears/epesiotomy with the first). It's an awesome feeling, hurt like hell, but recovered so much quicker.

So jump in the shower, it's the best natural pain relief during the first phase of labour.

I think if you've had a difficult first delivery like we did then your body should be more kinder to you this second time around wink

All the best and look forward to hearing how you go! smile

Linda ~ DD1: 10/01/06 ~ DD2: 26/06/07

Here here, i totally agree. I had a long labour and epi with my number one and ended with loads of stitches from both episiotomy and tearing. They actually turned my down for the pushing part so i felt (well I thought i did) the pain of pushing etc. However number two was about 6 hours of labour, incredible intense pain, but becuase I knew exactly what was happening i was able to control the pushing part so much more - and be mobile cos you don't have a thing stuck in your back, so i was in the shower and then kneeling up on the bed to deliver, and as a result no tears or stitches, heaps quicker recovery. The thing with an epidural is it might be worth deciding straight up whether you want it or not because often with number two, when you ask for it - its too late! And yes the pain is pretty full on but it is a pretty amazing feeling to go drug free. Good Luck and remember either way whatever you choose - the only thing that matters is the health of you, and your bubby !

Qld, 14,12,10, 5 yr old girls, and baby boy!

I had an epi with my first at my docs suggestion (complicated labour and pretty sure I would be having a c-section, which I did)and I loved it. Because I didn't get to the pushing stage it was all good for me.

Second bub I was ready to sign up for another epi as soon as I found out I was pregnant, however after getting to the hospital and sucking on some gas and sitting in a huge bath I decided I was doing ok without it.

I did end up having one (again at my docs suggestion) after 19 hours of labour simply because I was so tired and still only at 5cm. I was just about ready to pass out I was so tired lol

If it had gone quicker I would have made it through without an epidural.

I think if it's something you really want to do you will be able to do it, as long as you stay open to the fact that sometimes things don't go to plan and you may have to re-think down the labour track.
Best of luck to you...hope it all goes exactly how you want!

Jaime QLD - DS 22/01/02 & DD 27/09/05

I had an epidural with my first, which ended up being a forceps delivery (vacuum extraction failed twice).

I have gone on to have 2 more babies with no epidural. I used gas only. My 2nd baby was 10lb, so, it is VERY possible to do it without an epidural. I felt more in control without the epidural, yes it hurt more, but it can't have been that bad, as I went back and did it again!

Thanks girls,
Sharoona you sound as though you described my first labour and i am going through same dilemma as you this time. But after reading this thread and everyone's advice i feel a lot more informed. Well I am going to try without it and see how i go. But i know it is there if i need it.
Thanks Nat

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