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Exposure????!!!!! Lock Rss

Hi. I am due in 14 days and am not liking the idea of exposing myself to anyone such as midwifes and doctors when I go into labour. I am worried enough about my mum seeing me let alone strangers. Do you in labour care about the exposure much or think about it??? Can I get your experiences and opinions on this as i am really worried about this!!!!
This is my first and I'm 18yrs old!!!!


hi tracey,
i was 19 when i had my first, and this was a huge issue with me too.
i only had my mum with me, and i asked her would she mind waiting outside while they did all the internals, she was fine with this. but the closer i got to the birth, i didnt want her to leave my side, and she just didnt go 'down there'. but i remember when my son began to crown, she looked and i was happy with that because she just wanted to see her grandson.
i think when you first start into labour you can be a bit shy, you may feel more comfortable with just 1 midwife with you, which there usually is, unless there is complications.
but trust me when you are right at the delivery...all your dignity goes out the window!!!
good luck,
I know how you feel, but believe me, when things start happening, your modesty goes out of the window. I had a c-section and I cannot even remember how many people were in the theatre (I think there were more medical staff for twins than for singletons). You just have to tell yourself that these people see these things everyday - it's their job and they are professionals. Good luck!

Twins' Mum, VIC, E & A born 4/04

Hi Tracey

I know exactly where you're coming from!

I felt uncomfortable being examined by the midwife in the early stages of my first labour... Fast foward a couple of hours later and I was sitting on a fitball naked and didn't care how I looked!

It's such an amazing time in your life, so clothing (or lack of!) will be the last thing on your mind.

Wishing you a happy and safe labour : )

Jennifer, DS 21/06/03, DS 16/10/05


My sister in law was very worried about people seeing her naked but she said by the end of it she had her legs up in stirrips, a big light overhead shining down on her privates and 5 people gawking at her. She said she didn't care about anything by this stage.

Im sure you will be fine.



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