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Any other ideas to start labour???? Lock Rss

Ok so we're due tomorrow, so I shouldn't be anxious, but if the closer I get to the due date coming and going, the more I worry that bubs is going to be big.....We've tried sex, exercise, squats, pineapple....I think the only things we haven't tried are raspberry leaf tea (bleugh) and nipple stimulation. And I'm not prepared to risk laxatives. Any other ideas????
Have you tried Curry, long walks, bumpy car rides....

No harm in trying it all on one day, if it is going to work maybe it will then????

Jilly, Qld, Mum to Amy 14/12/05 & Rebecca 20/7/07

When I was due with DD I went to get a pedicure and the place I go to uses those vibrating massage chairs. I actually went into labour during the pedicure due to the constant vibration of the chair on my back. A friend of mine who went overdue was getting frustrated, I told her this same thing and she went to get one of those pedicures and the same thing happened to her.
I'm not saying you need to get a pedicure, but if you can find someone who has a massager that can apply constant vibration to your back, I think this will help!!
Good luck
My Sister in-law swears by the Curry theory nice and hot, She has five kids and i believe it worked for 3 of them. Good luck!


hi there, i went for a walk with my sister and we had to go through a shortcut which involved going up hill and down hill.. that afternoon my water broke. it was friday the 13th!


Well it's tomorrow! The 22nd of June and I'm also due. Been having irregular contractions and now can't sleep. Just did a few squats and planning on going for a walk around the house this morning. I tried everything with DD but still went over by 12 days. You've pretty much have everything I can think of. Guess bub will come when ready smile All the best!!

Linda ~ DD1: 10/01/06 ~ DD2: 26/06/07

Go and grab some chinese takeaway!!!
The bumpy car ride worked for both my sisters kids and I was just talking to a friends hubby who said it worked for their 1st too

me 24, hubby 25 four boys age 4 and under :0)

I would suggest clary sage as well, it is for use only 3 weeks before birth and if you are overdue and great for labour as well. Ihave a recipe of 10 drops jasmine iol, 5 drops clary sage and 25 ml apricot kernel oil. massage over lower back and abdomen. Deifinately for last stages of pregnancy only. I have just bought the aromababy pure Love labour and birth oil. Teery white chemists and babies galore are a couple of stockists for less than $20. It has lavendar and clary sage and something else (can't think off the top of my head!) and will be using this for labour for calm and stress relief and it is a relaxant...
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