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Late Detected Pre-Eclampsia Lock Rss

Hi There,
I just wanted to share my birth story with any mum to be's diagnosed with Pre-Eclampsia at any stage during your pregnancy. No matter how fit and healthy you are during your pregnancy there is absolutely no telling how your birth is going to turn out..
I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes in the 32nd week and then, on the 36th week with a slightly increased blood pressure. My week 37 trip to the Ob (even higher blood pressure than previous week) alerted him to the fact that I was rapidly going down hill and needed to be induced two weeks early.
This bad news so late in the pregnancy was such a dissappointment especially as I was doing pregnancy excercises on the fitball three days a week, walking alot, doing yoga once a week and receiving occasional acupuncture from the local physio.
I quickly got online and looked at worst case scenario's relating to pre-eclampsia and got really scared. The Ob told me there was nothing to worry about and it is quite common.
Anyway, checked into a private hospital at middnight on the Sunday and Monday 21March 05 gave birth to my beautiful girl Bella Grace just after 2:30pm. I received an epidural to keep the blood pressure at bay which took three attempts to get right. Waters were broken at 11/2 cm which hurt like crazy as the epidural wasnt working on one side (quite common I believe).
After she came out I was rushed into surgery for curette as I didnt stop bleeding. Nothing found but I lost about 21/2 litres of blood and blood pressure was sky rocketing.
By the way - Bella came out very healthy. Nothing to worry about there.
I was stretchered into my room to see my parents and new baby girl. My folks were saying "isnt this wonderful". It should have been a magic moment but the pain in between my ribs near my diaphragm and up my entire back was enough to send me vomiting again. A quick shot of pethadine did nothing for me.
I was then stretchered down to intensive care - I still had no idea what was going on - I thought it was my internal organse returning to their place. Turns out my kidneys and liver had stopped working due to the extremely high blood pressure. I was monitored over night and the next morning given three bags of blood and taxied in an ambulance to the high dependency unit in St George Public Hospital where they have a pre-eclampsia specialist at hand. Two nights in the HD unit being monitored 24hrs. Blood pressure being checked every hour. No sleep.. I had full blown HELLP syndrome and my body was starting to go into fits. They gave me a bag of magnezium which somehow kept fitting at bay.
By day three I started getting teary. I had seen my daughter only about two hours since she was born.
Three men in suits came in to see me in the HD unit and realeased me after the second night to a special care section in the maternity ward with Bella where I remained right through till Easter Sunday.
I was finally released on the Sunday afternoon with a huge range of blood pressure tablets to take. Through the strain of it all my eye sight was temporarily damaged. Dark spots and the disorientation could also have been a mix of lack of sleep and the blood pressure bulging my eyes a little.

I have since realised that this was a life threatening condition for me. Had I had a baby twenty years ago I would be in heaven. Thank god for modern day medecine to keep me around to watch my beautiful girl grow.
I have been blessed with a little angel have had no problems since then. Breast feeding and all has been a breeze.

My only advice to anyone with a family history of PE is to see a specialist up front. It helps if the midwives are aware of it to take measures to help prevent it from getting as bad as it got with me.
My next baby (dare I even think about it after what I have been through) will be monitored by a PE specialist and delivered in a public hospital.
Good luck to all new mums-to-be. The pain you go through to bring your child into this world is all worth it in the end.

Mum to Bella Grace

what you went through how awful. I hope you are feeling well now. You are right the things you go through to have a baby you just never guess what can actually go wrong.
I too had Pre-Eclampsia diagnosed at 30 weeks.
I didn't however have it as bad as you but was hospitalized 3 times from 30 weeks + numerous trips just to be checked and then had my DD at 38 weeks.
Yes it is a very very serious condition for both mother and baby that needs to be monitored very carefully and can be fatal. ( sorry not to scar anyone) but there has been cases where the baby has survived and the mother has passed.
Make sure all headaches, swelling of feet or hands and especially black floatie things in your eyes are told to your doc/ob these are symptons.

best of luck with your little bub.
I noticed you mentioned st george hospital, where did you originally have your bub???????

Sydney,twin boys 22/10/04+girl 26/03/02

Hi DaniBee
You poor thing, you probably should have been put in for a C-Section as Pre-eclampsia is very dangerous to both mother and baby.

I had high blood pressure through out my pregnancies but was controlled by medication and with my first pregnancy the high blood pressure was picked up 1st visit so medication was sorted then and then I was closely monitored through out having to do home blood pressure checks up to 3 times a day and had to phone my OB if the bottom figure ever went above 90 which often it did, then with my 1st, i was admitted to hospital just day before my due date (so I made it to 40weeks) as I had high BP and lots of fluid/swelling, over that night my BP went to 160 over 110 so next morning my OB told me there was no option but to operate that day otherwise it could be very dangerous to myself and bub as I had pre-eclampsia, so I had a C-Section and my baby Girl was fine, but I came out of Operation not well at all and felt terrible for a few days and not able to do much with my baby.

2nd time around I had another C-Section as High BP through out pregnancy again but no
pre-eclampsia this time, I had a boy this time and all was fine and I came out of this operation so much better and was thrilled I could do more with my son like do his first bath, change his first nappies etc as I couldnt' do any of this with my daughter so it was so much better this 2nd time around.

I hope for you next time, they look after you much better and pick up any symptoms early as it can be very dangerous and so is the high BP,
Best of Luck and Take Carexx

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