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Vomiting during labour Lock Rss

Hey Everyone!

This sounds silly but i am 3 days overdue so could give birth any day now! I have been told that some women experience vomiting during labour which scares me as i am someone who completely forces myself not to be sick i hate it! I hate the feeling and hate not having control.

Did this happen to many of you? And how am i able to control myself during this. As stupid as it sounds i just don't want to be sick.
i threw up twice during my labour- i had no pain relief and the midwife sed it was prolly because of the pain, i hate throwing up too but i got to use the cool bags they have for the 1st time in my life!!

i dunno if u can control it or not to me it seems like ur bodies way of dealing with the pain IYKWIM?
Hi there, I vomited during my labour with Lucas and couldnt control it, wasnt even expecting it so it was a bit scary for me coz I felt like I was losing control. It was just before I started pushing and the midwife said it was just my body preparing to push baby out. Had no vomiting with the twins tho. I think if you know that it could happen at least that way if it does you're prepared for it. . best of luck. ..!!

me 24, hubby 25 four boys age 4 and under :0)

Thanks heaps....I know its a miner thing but it's just something i really hate. But i guess when your in the middle of labour you dont really you.
are u going to try and go drug free??

I found the gas made me vomit but it didn't worry me as much as I thought it would.....

Jilly, Qld, Mum to Amy 14/12/05 & Rebecca 20/7/07

I am going into labour very open minded! I know that i have great support from my husband and the midwives and i will be taking any advise they give me or suggestions they have. If i need drugs i will take them if i feel i will be ok i wont. I will just go with the flow
Hi Girls,

Well i'm not a vomitter but I sure did vomit during Labour it freaked me out cause I didn't know what was happening. I guess no way you can control just let nature takes it course!

As for drug free.. I say 3 cheers for the EPI!!! I'm due in 10weeks number 2 and i'm already asking for the forms to sign.. Sorry I'm not a brave person when it comes to pain. But each to there own.

Good luck Nicki with bubs!
I had an epidural and after 12 hrs, I got the shakes and was starving, so they gave me some juice to drink and I thew it up.

Having said that, I hate vomiting, but I will be saying give me an epidural the second I arrive at the hospital.

I was given pethadine and morphine with bub1 as a way of getting some sleep (long labour and midwives thought it would help me cope when it got to pushing) but as soon as they were given I was violently sick. I didn't even reach a bag or toilet so the poor midwives were left mopping the floor every 5 minutes! They do a marvellous job for what they have to put up with.

Anyway once I was given an epidural I was fine. As most people have said above I think it's a coping mechanism your body goes through.
Hi Nicki4,

I started vomiting really early on as my contractions started fairly quickly. Apparently its just your body's way of reacting to pain?? Anyway, i wasnt going to have any pethadine prior to labour, however the midwives suggested it and said they would also give me an anti-vomiting needle with it or in same syringe? Good idea!!!!!!!!!!! so i did and am glad for it..the gas made me feel ill, and although i kept asking for an epi, it never came..Whatever happens, we cope, we are made to do so..dont worry about the vomiting part..even if you do, youl get thru it!!!
Hope you go soon...Ive got 9 days to go and really hope i dont go over...hehe..all the best..

Good luck:)

DS1,5yrs,DS2 2.5yrs..I love my beautiful boys!!

Hey Nicki4,

My friend told me when she was in labour she had too much gas wich made her throw up - like you she cant stand being sick but said it was the one time in her life she actually enjoyed throwing up because it was helping her witch the contractions to push her baby out?? sounds a bit weird aye but it worked for her,must just be something your body does to help with the progress of labour

My gorgous boy - Lachlan 14/07/07

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