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Dumb question...but do you wear pjs the whole time? Lock Rss

Sorry a bit of a silly question! I am in the process of packing my hopital bag, I do have a list of what to bring that I got from a magazine. But I was wondering if you wear pjs like the whole time? Or am I supposed to pack comfy day type wear? Thanks!

Tahlia 9wks


I packed other clothes as well just incase i felt like wearing them. I will probs wear my pjs all the time coz they are so much more confy then day clothes. but its totally up to you.


I packed comfy nice looking tracksuits, etc. I had lots of people come and visit me, and I'm fairly vain, I do my best to try and look nice. Besides, I felt much better when I got outta my pj's! I was spewing when they told me when I couldn't wear makeup for my caesarean! lol. But plenty of women wear pjs in hospital, and that's fine!

[Edited on 30/06/2007]

When I was in hospital I wore trackies during the day as I got sick of jarmies but half the other ladies wore their jarmies all day ! I guess it boils down to what you feel comfy with ?

when Heaven said there were boys ... I asked for 2

most of the ladies were wearing pjs during the stay, but i don't i wear clothes, as if i was at home, I gert up make the bed have a shower and dress for the day, makeup and all, not a full face but a bit of lipgloss and foundation. I find it keeps me organised for when i get home to the other kids, i just keep to my i don't suffer down below , but 1 girl was so swollen for a few days after birth that she just could not get out of bed at all to do anything. I still pack about 3 pair of PJs just in case there is blood loss on them and they have to be taken to be washed..
i stayed in comfy clothes all the time. i was in hospital for 10 days with my first so i had to be comfy. i loved being in pjamas also because i had a private room so only friends and family were coming in

mummy to Rhana 3, #2 Cruz in heaven and #3 in oven

i remember going to best and less and buying a couple of cheap nighties for the labour and also some pjs for afterwards to wear whilst breastfeeding (they buttoned up) but i was in my nightie for about 2 minutes because i spent most of my time in the shower and when i had my epidural they put one of those gowns on me so the back was open.

save on washing if you can and use whats at the hospital! lol. but id recommend having an old tshirt or nightie you can use.

Heidi 3 years & Annika 4 days

oh and i was in the hospital for a day and i just wore normal clothes because i was going in and out the hospital wing going for walks and stuff and felt comfortable in my own clothes (just maternity clothes)

Heidi 3 years & Annika 4 days

I packed so much stuff while I was pregnant and I just kept unpacking and repacking. In the end I was induced and didn't even have my bag on me when they said I had to stay! In labour I just had one of their nightie things then the next day I had pj's for bed and clothes for the day. Where I was there was no where to go but your room, so the daily trip to the shower and dressing in something different filled in time while my partner spent time with the little one. Good luck with your labour (and packing!)

i wore Pj's the whole time, we were in a private room and i basically never left the room LOL i took trackies and a top to go home in ! i reckon just wear what u feel comfy in attention will be on the baby anyways tongue
I noticed a few mums walking around in their pj's all day but like a previous post, I have a shower when I get up and dress for the day. Trackies, t-shirt, just comfy casual clothes. Just wore the pj's when going to bed.

Linda ~ DD1: 10/01/06 ~ DD2: 26/06/07

Honestly i was the only person that i saw walking around the hospital in PJs all the time! I dont care ide just had a baby what do you expect!
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