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How long after a stretch & sweep was performed did you go into labour????? Rss

Afternoon Ladies,
Im having a stretch and sweep performed tonight at my hospital appointment as i am currently 4 days overdue, and im just wondering after people have had this done did it help to establish labour and how long did it take?? If it doesnt work im not getting induced until next Monday and i really cant wait another week it is really starting to give me the blues gasp(
Thanks Michelle

Ace Ethan 6yrs, Lexi Montana 4 1/2mths

I had a stretch & sweep done when i was 7 days overdue and about an hour or two later i had the 'show' i was so excited because i was sick of being pregnant (as i'm sure you understand!) Unfortunately nothing hapened after that and i had to be induced 10 days overdue. This probably isn't what you want to hear though! The midwife did warn me that my waters could break during the stretch & sweep in which case i'd be marched straight into the labour room. And that a lot of women will go into labour within 24-48 hours of the procedure. I will warn you though. its a tad uncomfortable so bring someone's hand to squeeze!
Good luck
at about 41 weeks i had a strip and stretch done and i dilated to 1cm. at 42 weeks i was still 1cm so i had the gel put in that took me to 2 cm enough for my waters to be broken. the next day when i got up to go to the hospital to have my waters broken i had my plug come away and about 2 hours later i had my waters broken. basiclaly the strip did nothing for me. but i know it works for some smile

Heidi 3 years & Annika 4 days

hi there! I hope your S&S works for you tonight!
My body obviously likes to hold onto babies for as long as possible and will accept no interference from a S&S! My DS (who is now 6 months old) was 12 days overdue. I had 3 S&Ss done at 39weeks, 40weeks and 41 weeks. I bled very slightly after the 1st one, but no labour! I had a number of contractions for 3 weeks prior to his birth, but eventually went in and got the 'drip'. Within 8 mins of the drip I was in full labour so they turned it off. Labour was only 2.5hours - and only 1 hour of the intense stuff.

I hope it works for you! Good luck!

MEGAN - Natalie 5yrs, Sebastian 2yrs

Thanks Ladies,
Ive read back in past posts and it looks like a S&S doesnt work for too many people, so im trying really hard not to get my hopes up. Yesterday i had a egg white type discharge in medium sized clumps all day so hopefully that was either my plug or a good sign my cervix is ripening, ill guess ill find out soon!!!
Well if im going to be uncomfortable im going to try and make it all worth it and ask for a good long deep S&S *****Fingers Crossed******

Ace Ethan 6yrs, Lexi Montana 4 1/2mths

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