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Being induced on Monday...any advice? Lock Rss

Hi all,
Just saw the doc today, and as i (still) have high blood pressure I am booked in to be induced on Monday at 5pm. Anyone who has been induced any advice/ stories would be good, cos all i've heard is that it hurts more! sad any other news would be great! Thanks.

Sarah, Vic, Jai born 19-7-05 smile

Hi, I was induced with my daughter who is now 3 but i had the gel, I have heard there are other methods of being induced. I had the gel inserted at about 9 am and was in labour by 10-10.30, so i had a quick reaction to it but i have heard stories of having the gel and not going into labour until the next day. I was 1-2 weeks overdue. The lady in the maternity ward with me had 3 doses of the gel and went into labour on the 3rd day. she had high blood pressure too. but it all depends, everyone is different so it maybe totally different for you. As of hearing it hurts more well... lets face it what do we have to compare it with, any and all labour hurts so weather thats trueor not i dont know!

Mel,QLD, 3yr old Nikita, no. 2 due october

Ok...being induced. I was induced with my first because I was a couple of weeks overdue so I had no idea what to expect. Look, it hurt..a lot. But then you get that. I had my waters broken...which was done by my doctor with a hook thing on the end of his surgical glove. That is uncomfortable but not painful. My contractions began pretty much straight away, but then they hooked me up to the drip. They started me off slow, but as my contractions got stronger they turned it up. I did not have an epidural, however with my second I did have one because I had to have him by C section for medical reasons. There is no shame in wanting an epidural if the pain is too much, however do be aware that some women do experience lower back complications back has not been the same since. I can only explain contractions like waves of pain. Try to have some music or something to focus on. Maybe some games or crosswords or stuff to concentrate on while the contractions aren't too bad. The gas is good for made me throw up. The pethadine made me sleepy. I found kneeling and leaning up over the bed, which was on a steep angle, helpful, and I spent a lot of time in the shower. I was in labour for 8 hours before having to go and have a Csection. Luke was having dramas. I was assured after the fact, that this was nothing to do with being induced and just because he got stuck - I have an odd shaped pelvis. I dont tell you this to scare you but because no one had warned me about possible problems and I freaked at the time. I had a very rose coloured view of giving birth and I think if people hadnt tried to protect me so much then I would have handled it all so much better. They say knowledge is power. I think when you go in on Monday, go in with no expectations or as few as possible. Everyone's experience is totally different, as is their afterbirth and child raising experiences. Expect it to hurt but try to focus on the beautiful little bundle you will get handed to you at the end. The pain becomes just a hazy memory. Goodluck with Monday. I hope this has helped and I haven't completely freaked you out - that wasn't my intention. I hope you let me know how it all goes and if you need any advice or just want to talk after or before, by all means drop me a line on here. Take care

Mum to 4yr old and 16mth old boys

Post deleted by administrator.
Hi Sarah,

Expecting your first babay is always the most exciting experience during the course of your pregnacy.

I think a ppl are induced for a number of reasons & speaking from experience I was induced as well with my first baby.

The reason I had to be induced was because my water didnt break and at the hospital I was told that I was 5cm dilated and the midwives had to manually break the water and because my baby had been so nervous from the contractions that she did a poo in her waterbag, they had to induced me to increase the contractions so I'd give birth quicker. They did this because of fears that she might swallow her poo.

I thought it was scary at the time as well because being a first time mum I didnt really know what to expect. The contractions are increase but the intensity would be that if you werent induced. When being induced you will feel the normal contractions leading up to giving birth but without the long wait. I was induced at 12noon and I felt the contractions started building and 3pm the pain was intense but the birth was rather quick. My daughter was 3.82kgs (thats bigger then average) and she was out in 15 minutes after about 4 pushes. So don't worry too much because I'm sure you will have a wonderful experience for years to remember.

The pain is of course sharp and acute but thats all a part of normal child birth, you may dread the pain but let me tell you that when the doctor or midwife places ur newborn in your arms you will know that its all worth. Emotionally and physically the pain prior to the birth will imediately subside.

Good luck & all the best.

Take care,

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