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Hi, i've just been reading a few other posts and it got me thinking... After my bub was born- i had some very bad tearing. The doc told me that "really its your fault- you must have bad labouring techniques and not pushed properly and at the right time" Was anyone ever told how to push or when to push? I read a hundred baby books, went to anti natal classes and all the checkups and not once did anyone ever teach me the right way to labour. Is there something i don't know?
hi, i have had 5 kids soon to be 6 and have never grazed ot torn down below. I actually never ever have an urge to push and need to be told "ok when you're ready" so i just push but as soon as they say here comes the head, that's it. i don't push again, it gets to a point where the baby sort of comes out itself, so i know when that is for my body, it was the only piece of information that i read in a pregnancy book that has stuck with me forever, i do not push when they say here comes the head. I don't think there are any things you can do, I mean how many ways can you push a baby but if you have a midwife who is on your side all the way coaching you, that makes a huge difference. I had an epidural with only 1 of the babies and i didn't push at all, they just told me to pant!
My midwife encouraged me to push with each contraction, but not between. She told me to push as if I needed to do a big poo! Sounded a bit funny, but it worked.
And same as always awake, I did not keep pushing once the head was about to come out. I just panted - apparently it helps the head and shoulders ease out more slowly with less risk of tearing.
DS is my only child and i was told wen i feel i need to push to push- i was like 'i dont feel the need to push coz its gonna hurt, can u explain wen i need to push' she laughed and sed ok wen u feel a contraction thats the only time u push- so with each contraction i pushed. i didnt tear only got a small graze i was told it was coz my BABY worked well with my body- not becoz i pushed at the right time- if that makes sense!

how to push i cant explain it just happened lol
[Edited on 05/07/2007]
I don't have any advice, I haven't gone through the birth yet, but not a very supportive doctor from the sounds of things. Isn't it the medical staff's job to advise you?

I mean they see this everyday, it's not like give birth everyday though!
That is so rude!!! I don't see how they can think it's appropriate for them to tell you it's your fault, that's just ridiculous!
I had an epidural after labouring for ages and barely dilating (bingo! 2 hrs after epi we were ready to go), so they had to tell me when to push. That was no problem, I did what they said, but I still got quite a decent tear!! I honestly don't think there is a wrong or right way to push, and as someone else said previously, their bub had a hand next to their face so she didn't have much chance! It all depends on what happens at the time, yes you should push during contractions, but it's not as if you're quite thinking straight when you're in labour and trying to get a baby out!! LOL
Phew... thought everybody knew something i didn't! During labour i couldn't really control when i had the urge to push up until the end when he was actually being born and then i just pushed when the midwife told me. Both midwifes said i did a good job and it was just the doc who said it was my fault (although she wasn't able to tell me this magical correct way to do things). After seeing the doctor i did feel incredibly guilty thinking that it was all my fault but i'm assuming she had never had kids! Thanks for your replies!
What a rude doctor! Obviously a male.

There is a technique though. If you do push at the wrong time and the wrong way you could also end up with blood shot eyes.
The first time is always the hardest because you have no idea what you're doing. Even when they're telling you what to do, you're just not thinking straight. With DD1 I was pushing (unsuccessfully) for 3 hours. Bubs was delivered with ventous and I had 3rd degree tears.

DD2 born last week was 'easy' compared to the first because I concentrated more and actually understood what they meant by pushing like you're doing a big poo! Never mind if you do poo out the other end, it tells them that you're pushing correctly! And also progresses in the delivery. I only pushed up to 8 times. Some pushes weren't as hard as others. But again the doc/mw should be coaching you during it. First time was a lot of screaming, this time was a quiet birth, screamed once until I refocused.

I was under a hot shower when I started feeling a lot of pressure going down, the urge to push. That's when you kind of know that you're 10cm and ready.

HTH and all the best!
[Edited on 05/07/2007]

Linda ~ DD1: 10/01/06 ~ DD2: 26/06/07

If the bub got out ok, then surely you can't have done it wrong???
Surely there would have been a more helpful way to say that to you? Imagine thinking for the rest of your life "I really suck at labour!"
If your birth partner and or midwife are helpful they will be able to help you to keep control and maintain focus and if you were pushing at the wrong time, surely they would notice and be able to tell you????
Sometimes I think they shouldn't let the docs speak.


OMG! You need to find yourself a new OB asap! How rude! There is NO right way to labour and if you tore then its HIS fault because he was suposed to be keeping an eye on things and should have given you an episiotomy if babys head was too big to fit! If you pushed and your baby came out your doin fine...everything else is up to the doc! seriously id be going back and slapping him so hard!

im half way thru my 5th pregnancy and with the other 4 births i new when it was time to push.tearing down below is not your fault as nowadays they say its betta to tear than to be cut as it will heal betta.with every birth i told the midwife that i wanted to push and she always checked and then would say ok go for it girl.all my midwifes were great.first labour is always nerve racking as you are unsure but after that your next one will be ok.
i agree totally with tyreece'smum.go back and slap that doc.
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