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EPIDURALS,The Pro's & Con's Lock Rss

hi everyone,
Iam 29 weeks pregnant & have been thinking about what pain relief (if any) to have during labour.
Most of my friends say the epidural is a god send and you dont feel any pain at all smile ,but after reading up on it some more ive read it can =gasp
* Prolong the second stage of labour(the birth)
* There is a 5 times greater chance of an assisted delivery eg: episiotomy,forceps,vacuum :~
*Greater chance of a caesarean
*Sometimes cant feel when to push
I would be interested to hear what others thought about having an epidural & if you needed assistance at delivery??? :

ME25, DF28, DD 4, DS18 months

I did looove the epidural(had it after 14hrs of active labour,kept it in for 3 hrs),but i did however have trouble getting her out,i could feel when to push as they had turned it off an hour and a half before i had to start pushing,i did push for 2hrs and then vacuum for 1/2hr,a little longer than it's meant to take i think,i've actually never thought about wheather or not this was from having the epidural or because she was 5kg and maybe she should not have come out that way.Good luck,sorry im not much help,but when your in labour you just do what you have to,to get threw it,i had plans for my labour and they all went out the window when the time came,gas,pethadine and an epidural later!!
NIKKI(all worth it,mind you)

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