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Will he run out on me? Lock Rss

I took birthing classes with my first child (to another man) and to be honest they frightened the cr@p out of me right up until after the birth, i couldnt help it!

The whole idea of you swinging your butt around like some sort of front heavy belly dancer to kill the pain and help baby's head mash its way through your boney hips, coming out a possible 3 hours after pushing with brusing and a cone head only to have a possible million things wrong with it, things i had not heard of BEFORE classes things that are rare occurances but they hype it up to seem like it can hit like lightning and there you are standing in the storm with a big ass metal pole!

This pregnancy with hubbie is his first child and he cant even watch the health channel when House of Babies comes on with its births, he finds the lamest most randomly pathetic excuses to leave the room!

Do i take birthing classes with him so i can have confidence in him as a birthing partner and get all stressed out like the last round of classes? Or do i take a stab in the dark and hope he doesnt run out of the room with some lame excuse when its me giving birth to his child?

Ask him if he wants to take the classes. I think you will find he will surprise you and be loving and supportive through the labour. If you have any doubts though, maybe ask someone else to be there through the birth in case he does freak out. That way, the pressure is off him if he needs some timeout and you still have support with you. scrapbooking - ask me about it ..

My hubby is the same, he cant stand watching anything like that. He will close his eyes. But my mum has told me there are ways around that. My hubby wants to be involved, but he doesnt want to see the baby come out. He wants to be up near my head to comfort me. We havnt started any classes yet, and he might change his mind. I think what you need to do is sit down and talk to hubby about how he wants to be involved with the labour.

Isabella (20/11/07)

Hi, My hubby had no interest in anything to do with the birth of our first bub. He was not even coming in to the actual birth... As you know it can be pretty upsetting. I just let my husband go. I included him in everything during the pregnancy but took a good friend to the classes. As my husband became more involved with the pregnancy it became more about the baby and less about the birth. He did come in with me during the birth but stayed up at the head end. Just give him time and space. Its his first time and most men are just as scared as us.

Amanda NSW

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