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40 weeks and baby not engaged. Worth trying to bring on labour? Rss

Hi everyone

I am 40 weeks tomorrow and bubs is not 100% engaged. I'm getting very impatient (hehe) and want to try the safe methods of bringing on labour (sex, walking, nipple stimulation etc)

I was just wondering if it is possible for me to go into labour before bubs is properly engaged? Or will labour bring the baby down the rest of the way?

My midwife wants me to wait til 2 weeks overdue before intervening. That seems like a long long time away, although I'm not keen on being induced any way.
Any advice would be great
Start crawling around the floor, sounds crazy but this is the advice given to me by a midwife. I am trying for VBAC this time and crawling around will get bub into optimum positioning. She said to start at about 30wks but it can't hurt to start now right? I bet at this stage you are ready to try anything smile

Huggies Mum abroad!

Hi Jess,

Not long for you exciting!!

There is no reason why you couldnt start trying to help your labour on naturally, and your baby will move on down as labour progresses. Some woman go into labour without their baby being engaged at all....i did. So go for it!!!

Try long walks, hot baths and squatting....getting yourself into a squat position and hold as long as you can...then repeat, ive heard it works quite well.

Im sure lots of other mums will have some more great tips for you, goodluck and let us know how you get on. smile]


hi jess,
you poor girl i feel sorry for u! i was lucky my ds came 3 days early after 46 hrs of labour. u could try all those things but dont know if they work. maybe just let nature take its couurse and it will happen! remember ot did get in there so it has to come out!
Good luck with it its all worth it in the end.
let us know how it goes.

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Hi ladies

Thanks for the tips. I agree that nature will take its course eventually, I just want it to hurry up! haha. I didnt think I would get this impatient when I know it'll happen any minute now. I guess it's the not knowing that bugs me.

I told my bubs this morning that it was supposed to be its birthday, but I guess its already not listening! haha.

I love the idea of the baby 'clunking' in to place!

DH read your posts and said he wants to come home at lunch time and see me trying out some of the things. In fact I think he's just as impatient as me and he wants me to try them all in one go (can you imagine it? walking squatting and nipple stimulation all at once? Would look like a duck walk!)

Thanks again
I'll let you know when it happens!
Hiya Jess.

From 38weeks to 40 weeks I tried everything from walks, curry, sex, exercises etc etc... I hit the 40 week mark (like you today) and that night Ryan decided it was time. He finally came into this world 7hrs past his due date.

The night before I had a false alarm and while at the hospital the nurse told me to get on my hands and knees and slowly rock back and forth to get bubby in right position. My little guy was Posteria (painful) and this was supposed to help him turn and engage. It obviously worked eh.

Good luck and hopefully it won't be too long before you hold your beautiful baby in your arms.


Luke & ~Rhiarna~ 13.05.04 & Ryan 26.03.07

my second wasnt engaged either, we had sex 2 days before the due date and she was born 2 hrs after we done the deed, obviously it wont work for everyone but worth a try, I'm pretty sure thats why my first was born early too...
btw she came out so fast that all her head was bruised and swolen for the first couple of days.
Hey Jess
Just checking in to see how your doing???

I hope your hubby has been giving you a hand at doing it all at once....LOL

How are you feeling tonight???

Liz smile]

Hi Liz

I'm still hanging in here. Had a few BH tonight but nothing serious. Still feels like I've got a long way to go.

Hubby is being wonderful, dunno about doing everything at once tho hehe. He's next door helping the neighbour fix his car (he used to be a mechanic) so I'm just relaxing in front of the comp and the fire with the cats hehe. Now all I need is this bub to decide it wants to arrive and it'll be a great night!

Hi Jess,

I got told to try raspberry leaf tea. I did this with baby no. 2 and went into labour with him the next day. Baby no. 3 I tried sex, going fast over speed humps (dont recommend this one as it only makes u wanna pee lol) walking and working in the garden but in the end he came the day before his due date.

Im pregnant with baby no. 4 and 36 weeks pregnant. Saw my doc today who tells me shes leaving next week (not happy Jan as now I dont have a doctor) and that it looks like this baby is a big one. I am tempted to try anything to bring labour on as all my babies have been small and I dont know if I can push a big baby out. Good luck, hope you go into labour soon and be able to hold your baby.


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