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WA Hospitals Lock Rss

Hi all, I live in Safety Bay, Rockingham and had my first baby at Peel Health Campus in Mandurah.
I was wondering what the other hospitals in the area, up to Perth (been in King Edward too) are like?
Does anyone have any reccomendations. I WILL NOT go to Rockingham/Kwinana as I had a fight with a midwife there when I was 34 weeks. I am allergic to latex and went into prem labour and she got mad at me for going there because "you need a special room with non-latex gloves and mattresses. You could have at least called us first. As you can see, we are busy tonight". Well, exuse me lady, I'll just have my premature baby in a corner somewhere on my OWN! Lucky I went to KE and they stopped my labour!
Any suggestions would be great!
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I had DD at Attadale and it was wonderful! Each room had a sliding door so you could step outside and a big play area for visitors that bring their 'ferals'. The rooms aren't overly big but that only encourages the visitors to leave once the next lot get there!

I had my first at Swan Districts and found them to be fine although with your first you don't really have anything to compare them with. This time I am booked at KEMH and have found them to be fantastic. I am not attending the Clinic as my care is done through the ultrasound department (due to a high risk pregnancy) so I can't comment on the midwives. I think people have their own stories to tell about their care at hospitals whether it be good or bad and it depends on what midwife you get.
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