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Pain relief Lock Rss

Please help me I would like to know how getting the epidural feels ,does it hert,etc.And what's the best pain relief during labour please help.

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Robinya,WA,7 months pregnant

I found that getting the epidural etc inserted was worse then the whole labour combined... it was horrible and basically the only time I screamed smile I had to have it however to stop my contractions pushing bubs when he wasn't quite ready. I only had gas other than that and it just made me feel really really sick.
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Hi,i had an epidural after 14hrs,so i am going to say it did not hurt to get it put in,as my contractions were so strong at that point anything else was a walk in the park,& once it starts to work there is no pain at all you are just numb from the waist down,so they have to put a tube in so you can pee.I also had gas which can make you a little sick but i was fine,i also had the pethadine & i did not like that at all i found it did not get rid of the pain it just made me a little bit strange(like i was in the room in body but not in mind)Now i did not plan any of this i just did what i had to, to get threw it,if i was to do it again i would have done the epidural much sooner. Hope this all helps & does'nt scare you.You will do fine & before you know it you will be holding that precious bub in your long awaited arms. Take Care Nikki

I tried all types of pain relief. The pethadine for me didn't do anything. The gas made me sick, after a few hours i couldn't handle the pain so i asked for an epidural. I didnt think getting it hurt, after having hours of contractions its nothing, you have to sit, bending over and have to be still while they are doing it which i found really hard because of the contractions after a few goes theye ventually got it. It didn't take long to have an affect. Almost instant. IT was sooo good. The only problem i found was when it came time to push i couldnt. I had to go by what the midwife was telling me because i couldnt feel when it was time. I was trying to push for about two hours and didn't get anywhere, was getting tired so the used forceps to get him out. Don't know if ive been much help but ive already decided for when i have my next bub definatly having the epidural again!! feel free to email me or something at [email protected] if you have any other q's etc...

all the best

2 yrs

I had an epidural. I said all along that i would not have one but i was induced so i decided that i would have one about 1/2 an hour after i was induced. I was so scared as they had shown us the needle that goes in your back at our birthing class but when they put the needle in i couldnt feel anything other than a slight tingle. I didnt feel anything after that not even my babies head coming out. I think it was great and I would have another when i have my second. The only problem is they say women who have epidurals have bad haemorrhoids.

11 wk baby boy

I swore I wouldn't have an epi and used gas and peth until they didn't work anyomore then did what i call the 'zone' thing to control pain. Used my mind. But I was induced and had to have so many monitors hooked up to me and the baby's head that all my natural pain relief plans went out the window - I was bed ridden so no bath, shower, crouching, squatting, walking etc to help labour. I still wnated to deliver naturally but after about 25 hours I wasn't fully dilated and felt I had nothing left to give and thats when I had the epi. It was great not just for pain relief but just so I could rest and store up some grunt to keep going. After a few hours when I was fully dilated they let the epi wear off so I could feel to push. I pushed for 3 hours. Wouldn't have had the strength to if not for the epi. It didn't hurt to get it in but was more scary than anything. If you want to feel the baby come out then make sure they let it wear off before pushing.

I read a reply that said it didn't hurt in between contractions but mine did towards the end before the epi. I felt myself coming down off one and felt relief but the next started before I had gotten down to where it wasnt painful. Everyones different. Research all the pain relief options, even the ones you dont think you'll use because labour is unpredictable and if you end up in a situation you didn't think about like me being bedridden then your choices change.

Good luck for a labour as painless as possible!

First timer to 3 mth old

The thing that sucks is all pain relief except gas has side effects, and most slow labour down. I found natural techniques very effective, breathing and position etc, and the gas is great for taking the edge off. If you feel in control the pain doesn't feel as bad, the main thing is to have a good midwife and try to keep yourself calm and focused, and I kept telling myself I could do it and every contraction down was one closer to meeting my baby. Don't let the doctors push you into anything, I was pretty much forced to have my waters broken with my first, even though everything was progressing steadily, and I felt really upset and violated, and it went downhill from there as labour went into full force straight away. I was in full control with the second though and it was a breeze, though the second is usually easier. Don't feel bad if you have something though, it's what's best at the time, and the birth is a very small part of your life with your baby. And yes, you do forget the pain pretty much straight away anyway!

Kelly, 22, 1 @ 25/1/04, 2 @9/3/05, [email protected]/4/06

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