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Labour questions Lock Rss

Thank you to all the ladies who answered my previous questions. Your answers were so helpful. I did not know that a local anaesthetic, and catheter were also given with the epidural. Can you feel it when the catheter is put in and taken out (I have never had one)? Does the numbing needle hurt as bad as the epidural (ironically, I am afraid of needles)? I have also heard that the epidural can be self-administered. How does this work and how long does each dose last (in case the urge to push cannot be felt)? When is it necessary for a doctor to give you an episiotomy (because I would like to avoid this)? Has anyone got any funny stories about how their partners reacted to the birth of their child (so I can reassure my partner no matter how he reacts, it's okay)? I would love to hear from you.


Robinya,WA,7 months pregnant

when I had epidural for my csection i didnt feel the needle at all, just a lot of pushing and pressure then felt it go through my legs all of a sudden they twisted me back on the table. The catherter is inserted once the epidural is in place, cant feel it thank god. And you sort of dont feel it when it comes out the next day,( c section anyway) not sure for natural births what they do???
you apparently can have like a little pressure pumper that you can administer yourself, with a certain amount, so you cant over do it.

Sydney,twin boys 22/10/04+girl 26/03/02

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