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Ultrasounds Lock Rss

I have read all of the stories in 4D/3D ultrasounds and wanted to know If you can get them in Western Australia.I am pregnant with my first which is a boy, but I would really like to see what he looks like. How much does this cost? Can I ask my midwife to help me look for a place in Perth that does this. If you can help me please do so. It will be appreciated.


Robinya,WA,7 months pregnant

I am in Perth and had mine done last year. I am a private patient so it was all covered but when I had mine done it had just been put in the hospital. The ultrasound guy (do they have an official name?) said there were 4 hospitals in Perth (but this was August (ish) last year so maybe more now). The two I know of are Attadale and SJOG-Subi.

Very cool.

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