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Will I be able to give birth vaginally? Lock Rss

This is an embarassing question and I thought I would see what people here know or think before I ask the doctor.
I believe I have a condition called vaginmus whereby whenever something enters me I involuntarily tighten up. My husband and I have never had full penentration sex, just slight and usually with great discomfort and pain to me. I am 35 weeks pregnant and worried about the internal examinations etc but also whether I will be able to give birth to the baby as my perineam wouldn't be very stretchy. Does anyone have any ideas about this???
This should be something that needs to be discussed with your doctor.
You may suffer an attack or tightening while delivering and may not be able to give birth naturally. You will probably need to let your doc/midwifes know so if they come across any problems they can deal with them properly.
dont be surprised if you may need to have a caeser. Not saying you will but it could be on the cards.

Hope all goes well for you. And relax, easier said then done I know.

Sydney,twin boys 22/10/04+girl 26/03/02

This is something that you will have to discuss with your doctor , but i Had my baby naturally at a birthing clinic and they gave me a massage sheet called the perenium massage. I did this for months leading up to the birth of my baby and i had not one tear. You also need the support of a doctor or midwife to help hold this area into place when you are pushing. This massage might help the area become more flexible (if thats the word to use!!) you will be suprised when you dialate how much you stretch and that a baby that size (mine was 9 pound 4 oz) can come out of there!!

bec, wa , 2 yr old

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