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Has anyone ever been told that they was having a boy but then had a girl. I am having a boy, so the ultrasounds say, but I am still wondering if that could happen.I have heard stories of women that have been told they were having a boy or girl only to have the different sex.I have bought so much boys stuff considering this is my first, it would just kill me too find out that I bought them all for nothing, I mean I wouldnt mind having a girl it's just I have gotten so used to the idea of having a boy.Please tell me if that has happened to you!!

Robinya,WA,7 months pregnant

it hasnt happened to me personally, but i know of 2 people. one was when i was in hospital with my DD, they told this poor youg mum it was agirl, but had a boy. and the same happened to another lady where i live. but on that note i have heard that is they say ita a boy, they arent generally wrong. well the doodle is pretty hard not to miss, but if they say its a girl, then the doodle could be hiding and there is more room for error. ive been told this one is a girl, but im allowing for error, but i have alot of pink now!!
good luck
Just wondering, have they given you a percentage of accuracy for being a boy? For me, the ultrasound lady (sorry forgot what they are called) wrote it down for me and wrote male, 95% accurate. And we did have a boy. I actually saw his dangly bit on the ultrasound video too, so I had no doubt that I was carrying a boy.

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