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Filming the birth Lock Rss

Has anyone had their DH or family member do this?

It is only going to be my DF and doula in the room with me and i would love to have it on film but in the heat of the moment, i dont know if i will want DF filming it or want him holding my hand!!!

Anyone got a story to share? Did you want a video recorder going when it came to the crunch? Or did you even notice??
hi emma,

my dh said from the start of the pregnancy he wanted to film it and i always said no way....

But wehen it comed to the time you are not focusing on this at all i didn't even no dh was doing it till after a couple of ays he oulled out the video tape...

It is nice to go back and watch it from a different view (lol)

i say go for it it's not something that happens every day
just be careful if you deside to film that you warn the midwives... you have to get permission to get them on film... or just make sure you keep them out of it...

ask your doula if she would film the last bit so your partner can be with you... she can still guide him if he needs it....

good point... thanks!
My DH filmed my DSs birth (he was born in December). We didnt tape my DDs birth, but I decided out of interest I'd like watch DS being born. I WILL NOT show anyone else tho!! But I just wanted to see it from a different view too...and also as in the moment you are so caught up in actually 'birthing' baby that it's nice to see it later on.

I actually watched it the night my baby was born tho!! Perhaps a little too 'raw' to watch that early! But my DS was taken to special care nursery for 2 nights (he was born so quickly that still had fluid on lungs..also had cord around his neck so his breathing was quite hard). Cos I got sent back to my room on my own, I decided to watch it cos I wasnt there to hold my baby like I'd expected. It was amazing to watch...and especially cos he was born so quickly, my DH didnt edit any of it! He was born in 7 mins (only took 30 mins from being 3cm dilated to being out!) It was the most amazing thing ever!! So I say...if you want to, why not tape it. Then, if you decide you dont want to see it, at least you have the option. Rather than not taping it and regretting it later! But I made it clear to my fam that no one was ever going to watch it!! just me (and DH!). I really felt proud of myself when I watched it again to see how hard I worked. Good luck with your decision!

MEGAN - Natalie 5yrs, Sebastian 2yrs

HI... I have videotaped all of my births and I loved looking back at them in the days after the birth... however I must say there is NO WAY would hubby have been the film producer. He was much needed encouraging me and I got a fraction snappy when he even touched the video camera so I would suggest you invite a third person to video tape.. I have used my best friend for all of the births, and will do so again when this bubs decides to make his/her entrance...
It is a once in a lifetime chance as all of the births are so completely different that I wouldn't miss capturing it on tape for the world.
Hope this helps!!

Jodie..... Mum to five gorgeous girls

Hi ladies,

thank you all for your opinions. I rang my hospital to ask them what their policy is about filming the birth and she said "well you can film it but dont get any of the staff involved."

And i said "ok thank you its just i really want to get it all on film" and she very rudely said to me "well i dont think you will be wanting to film all of it" and then hung up!

The more i am in contact with the hospital, the more anger i feel towards them. Im starting to wish that i was having a home birth.
the organisation and cost involved is just too much though.
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