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Contractions BUT NOT DIALATING!!!!!!!!! HELP!!!!!!!!! Lock Rss

Hello ladies,
Im pregnant with number 2 and im 39 weeks pregnant and i have been contracting for the past 3 days and when i go to hospital they do my internal and i have not dialated.

Can ANYONE PLEASE tell me on how i can do this as this kid is driving me MAD!!!! I want it out hahahahaha


Linda, NSW - Amelia 15/01/06 John 08/08/07

Linda, it's rach, wow you are getting close now, good luck mate and I'll be thinking of you and expecting an update as soon as you're back home.

I don't know what's happening with you but the same thing happened to me, I went 3 times to the hospital over a week with major contractions and, on the last time I had been in pain all day and all night and never dilated at all. I ended up with the ceaser cause of that reason, it was just never gonna happen for me.

I don't think that's your problem though especially since you had an uneventful labour with Amelia, apparently I don't co-ordinate the contractions with the dilating bit, lol. With Jackson I only dilated to 1 cm, so I just don't work properly!!

Anyway you'll be fine and I'm sure things will happen really soon by the sounds of it.

Keep us posted and I hope it's soon for you hun.

Luv Rach xx

Rachel, Jackson 2yrs, Kyan 1yr

Hi Rach,

Thanks heaps love!!!! I will be keeping you posted for sure.

I just cant wait for it too all be gone hahahaha

I have hospital tomorrow so im hoping they will give me good news then.

Take Care

Linda, NSW - Amelia 15/01/06 John 08/08/07

Perhaps you baby is just trying to turn (they could be posterior?) If your baby is in the process of turning into a better position you will contract but not dilate. Once bub has finished turning though you should dilate very quickly. Perhaps find out what position your baby is in & research different 'open' positions that you can try to help bub move.
Hi maybe you could try a hot bath to soften the cervix for you to start dialating or doing squats, gravity might give you a hand. Sorry thats all I can suggest I hope something works for you it must be really frustrating.
hi darl... isnt pre labour annoying! ok, quite often if my clients have days of prelabour i step in and help out... laxitives... they work fantastically for getting labour going and help get dialation going! the other thing is getting your partner behind you and get him to 'lift' your belly up. it helps bub get in the correct position so his/her head is on the cervix and starts dialating wink my ph number is in there if you want to give me a call i can talk you thru the lifting thing... Mel

Hello ladies,

Well today i had hospital and the baby's back is up against my stomach, which means he still has to turn.

So if anyone knows where i can find information on how he can turn or what more i can do please tell me.

Linda, NSW - Amelia 15/01/06 John 08/08/07

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