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Love 2 Hear stories of caesers Lock Rss

Booked in 4 a c-section love to hear your stories good and bad from those of u who have had one! thanks x

24 year old mum to 2 beautiful girls

Hi Rebecca,

I had a C-section in August 2003 and delivered two very healthy baby boys. I was actually in labour for over 10 hours trying to deliver naturally but the bigger twin did not want to drop. I had an emergency c-section but was awake for it. Not sure if you are going to be awake for it - but I can say that my experience was very positive. I was not in any pain - some discomfort (but who isn't in the last weeks of pregnancy) and all the staff were very excited and upbeat. My husband was with me sitting at my shoulder and whilst I did not see the "bloody bits" I did see both my sons lifted from me and arrive into the world. It did not take very long (they were born 1 minute apart) and I was in recovery for 1 hour after which I was not expecting. The best decision I made though as I was not able to hold the boys straight after birth (you might like to ask your doctor if you can) was to ensure that other than my husband I was the first to hold them. Our families understood (although they were lined up at the nursery door) and we kicked all our visitors out when I returned to the room and the four of us had some quality time together. All in all my experience was good. Best of luck with your birth and your new baby.

Victoria ~ 3yr old beautiful twin boys

Hi Rebecca,
I had a C-Section with my Oldest girl now (8) but had complications under Local Anesthetic (sp) so they put me to sleep completely which was sad because I was'nt able to see her coming out. Afterwards I was taken to my ward where she was waiting for me in her little Crib. Still drowsy from the Drugs, I was'nt able to pick her up straight away so I was given help from the Nurses to help me Feed her (Breast).
The following day, I was in pain from the stitches so that was even more difficult for Breastfeeding. Okay, this is not meant to put you off as we all cope with pain Differently.. A couple of days of walking and slow stretching after your C-Section will help. Make sure you dont slouch when you walk otherwise you will get the meanest Earbashing from the Nurses!!! (Trust Me!) hehehe..

All the Best with your C-Section and feel free to email me if ya have any Q's.. smile

Email addy: [email protected]

I had a C-Section with my little girl (3mo old now), and I was petrified of having one, and ended up having one due to an emergency when I was 38 wks pregnant. The procedure itself was fine, and I didn't feel anything, was awake for the whole time. I had a few problems afterwards where I contracted a uterine infection two days after delivery, but that was because my tiny one had pooped from fright inside of me when I had no waters, and it all got mixed up and infected.

Other than that, it wasn't too rotten.. Sure I was sore, but when you think about it, you'd have to be a superwoman to not be sore! I now use a Fitball and walk to slowly try and get some strength back in the area. The only thing left that frustrates me these days is that I have a numb stomach, but apparently this is common.

Hope that helps! (And hope I didn't scare you!). smile


Mum to Belle 10.10.03 & Max (Born & Died) 24.07.02

i had an emergecny ceaser i was awake for. i didn't see the bloody bits but my fiance did. they put a sheet between your face and your boobs. i was in theatre for an hour getting sewed up and then in recovery for an hour then let back into my room. i was in labour 16 hours. and the last 2 hours i had a epidural and i am happy i did i would have been knocked right out other wise. if you wanna know more i've posted a bit in a few topics about the story and stuff..

Narelle, Eilish 5th june 2002 TTC since dec 2002

I had an emergency C-section after being induced for having gestational diabetes. Luckily I was only in labour for about an hour before I had my caesar as my contractions were like I was 9cm dilated and I was in reality only 2cm and bubby was distressed, so off I went to theatre. Staff were fantastic. I was awake the whole time and hubby was able to see bub being born. The only sad thing is that hubby and bub disappear and you are left being stiched up and then off to recovery for about an hour. I didn't see my daughter for two hours after my initial little peek, just after they cleaned her up. I had a bit of a reaction to the drugs and had the shakes, but it was just like being cold for a couple of hours - I felt fine apart from that. Bub had to stay in the nursery o/night as obviously you can't get up to them. Next morning they got me up and I was able to stand straight up immediately. Thank goodness my obstetrician is such a great surgeon too. I had a great recovery too. Hope you do too and good luck. If you want to know anything else please email me at [email protected]

Mum to DD 08.08.03 and DS 12.05.05

I've had an emergency and elected C-sections........
My first born was an emergency and that wasn't very pleasant as I was in labour for 24 hrs before the doctor decided to give me a c-section cause my daughter couldn't fit through my birth canal. It wasn't pleasant for me cause i was totally exhausted and drugged up from the epidural and many other a result I cannot remember the first 24 - 36 hrs of my daughters first day and a half..... but she is the most beautiful person now and very healthy...
So when i fell pregnant with my second i had no doubt in my mind about having an elected c-section this time...and the experience was a lot different and positive as I can remember everything from going into hospital and being admitted watching my son being born to holding him and breastfeeding him and I was totally in control of what I wanted to happen to me(which was not the case with an emergency c-section). My recovery was a lot quicker this time round. The only thing that u have to come to terms with it that u will not be able to get out of bed for 12 - 24 hrs but after that take things slow and don't be afraid to ask for help with feeding and getting u're baby close to u...... ( this is very important with u're recovery............

Good luck with u're c-section and remember what u will have at the end is the most precious and wonderful thing in your life........

Take Care


Michelle, QLD, DD 6yr,DS 4yr & DS 2yr and DD 13 Au

Phantom, you could've been me writing! Only I couldn't stand up on my own the next day (they put me in the shower), it felt like I had to learn to walk again! It was really funny. Anyway, we had been hoping for a water birth (mine was emerg c-s) so my hubby had his togs so he put those on and held me up while I had a shower. For the next couple of days I felt exhausted when I stood and couldn't stand up straight but I didn't have any pain (was on painkiller for a week tho). All the best.
Hi Teresa, Isn't it funny we had the same experience. The only trouble I really had with mine was that I have horses and I couldn't change their rugs over for the first couple of weeks or clean my stables. I had to get my non-horsey hubby to do it, but in the end it drove me nuts so I just did it myself very carefully smile

Mum to DD 08.08.03 and DS 12.05.05

i hve had 3 the 1st an emergency after 26 hours of labor it was fine the 2nd was better had an spinal block rather than epidural with the 1st i could feel pulling and pushing with the spinal block didnt feel any of that one down side with no 2 hubby had to look and fainted 2 times wnen i was in recovery he was in the bed opposite and hasnt lived it down even the doctor bagged him out when we went to see him at the 3rd pregancy but he can dish ot out too so its good he can take it by ,the third he had recovered enough to even cut the cord

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

I had an elective ceaser in August 2003 as a result if previous spinal surgery. I had the bst obstetrician and surgeon and had it at the Mater Hospital in Sydney. I had a spinal block which worked within about 60 seconds. I had no pain, felt nothing not even the needle going in and had no side affects. My hubbie was with me the entire time and i watched the whole thing on a plasma screen tv - i have amazing photos too. Although i couldnt get up for about 7 hours i was up and walking around bathing my little girl that night. Amazing. I have to agree that the hour in recovery is a killer becuase you arent sore or tired or sick and all you want to do is go and be with your baby but beleive me it is worth the wait. When i got back to the room i was sitting up and breastfeeding. I too agree that you should ask the hospital to ensure that other than your partner or drs / nurses no-ome else holds your baby before you do because IT IS YOUR BABY. Everyone warned me off a ceaser and told me i was better to risk my back getting damagedm ore because ceasers are bad and it takes you weeks to recover but i disagree. I washome cleaning and doing normal things the week after the birth. I drove 2 weeks after the birth and had my figure and pre birth weight back within a month. I was back at sport and walking etc within 2 - 3 weeks. Go Girl!!
yeah i hated the fact that everyone was holding my baby before i even got a good enough look at her. i mean bill (my fiance) is different but everyone else like my mum, bills mum and everyone else there that really annoyed me. next time i will make sure i am the first to give my baby a cuddle

Narelle, Eilish 5th june 2002 TTC since dec 2002

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