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I had an emergency Caesar in December 02 with my first. Had been in labour for a while, and got stuck at 9cm dilation with no progress for 4 hours. Although my son wasn't in any distress at all, you couldn't say the same for me. People have told me they felt guilty after having a Caesar, but I have to say I felt I had done all I could, so was just glad to have my son. He was given to me to hold while in recovery, but they had to help me hold him as I was shaking so much!
The C itself was fine, I had a problem with the morphine drip (it interfered with breathing), so made do on panadol and codeine. Was walking the next day, don't remember the pain being too bad.
I am going to try for a vaginal birth this time, but won't complain if I end up with a C.
One good thing about the C, my son was georgeous! No conehead etc.

Rachelle, NZ, son George 10.12.02, Ian 15.06.04

Hi Rebecca,

I had a caesar 3 weeks ago with my first baby Blake. I was overdue and didnt have much liquid left in my placenta so they started with gel to soften my cervix. This gel bought on slow contractions which stressed my baby out, his little heart beat would drop quite low. Then they got me to (try) to sleep that nite and broke my waters the next day then put me on a drip to get the contractions rolling. All of these things stressed my baby out further. They took a sample of blood off his scalp which showed low oxygen in his blood. After two days in labour and with bubs being distressed I was given the option to continue or have a caesar. Luckily I chose a casesar because my son had the cord around his neck 5 times and was not breathing with an apgar score of 1. Anyway about the caesar, I was under general anaesetic because I could feel what they were doing - you are supposed to feel a certain amount of tugging but I hard distinct sharp sensations. I was quite groggy afterwards and dont even remember meeting my little boy - the next few days are hazy - you need help to feed and care for your baby, infact they practically do it for you. That made me feel quite hopeless like I wasnt his mum, we didnt have any bonding time until we got home - something that was very important to me prior to the birth. As for the pain of a caesar it wasnt too bad, getting out of bed the first time is scary but you soon learn ways to stand, remember shoulders back and take your time. It only took about 5 days and I was fairly mobile, I went for lots of little walks - dont push yourself too hard but dont lie in a bed for 6 weeks either. Over here in nz I have been told not to drive before 6 weeks as I wont be covered by insurance because ive had abdominal surgery - anyone been told similar?? Good luck Rebecca im sure it will all go smoothly

Blakes mum

heya rebecca smile

i've had 5 ceasers and each have been an experience in their own right!
ceaser 1:
my first was an emergency due to brow presentation, this is when the baby is comming out with the biggest part of the head, which is nose to mid top of skull [hard to explain]. i was 41 weeks, induced and laboured for 10hrs, i was 9cm when i got the epi dural and within 30mins i was 10cms and told i had to have a ceaser. everything moved so fast, he was out inside of 2 mins and i was still in shock! my recovery was shocking, i got an infection and stayed in hospital for 7days. that was 10yrs ago.
my daughter was breech so there i had a snow balls chance in hell of a vbac, so i went in with full knowledge of what was happening and i'm not sure if that was the best thing! lol, someimes ignorance is bliss. i got a spinal headache with this baby and let me tell you, it's the worst migrane you will ever experience, there is no relief from it, peth and morphine take the edge of it but the only cure is either time, they reckon 10days, DONT WAIT! or a blood patch, i had the blood patch, this is where they take blood from your arm and put it straight into your spine where you had the epi dural. the headache is caused from the leaking of fluid when they did the epi. another 7 day stay!
ceaser3: this was a totally fantastic experience, i was out in 3 days smile i felt fabulous. it was nothing compared to my first 2 smile i came home too early tho, it doesnt matter how good you feel, always stay 5 days. it gives you time to make sure your breast feeding is how u want it, ur comfident and if anything is going to go wrong it will usually happen by then smile [my experience only]
ceaser4: my waters broke and i went into labour, lol, i'd never had my waters break on their own and i felt like an incontinent whale smile i'm convinced he was on time the docs say 38 weeks, so i'm not going to squabble. with this one i had a PCA, it's a self administered morphine drip, but i think u can get it in pethadine too. it was fabulous, i had it for the first 24 hrs after the op. lol, i made myself a little sick tho, the midwives kept pushing me to use it, for the pain and in the end i used to much i could barely speak! it's perfectly safe, it's a minimal dose that can only be given every 3-5mins smile
ceaser5: once again, my waters broke, this time at 36 weeks. another midnight dash to the hosp, more labouring yet still no pushing of the preverbial watermelon smile this was not a good experience as i was in a hospital i didnt know, and it was just a disaster from woe to go. 6 weeks on and i'm still recovering, i still have wound infection, scar pain, nerve damage, back pain sad i was really hoping this one would be a great experience to end on, but with 3 ceaser in 3yrs, my scar was just shot smile

the one piece of advice i want to give, and this comes with loads of experice smile and that is:

get up and get moving as soon as you can! dont put it off coz it hurts, the longer u wait the worse it will get. as soon as get ur legs back, begin the physio, which is knees bent and gently moving legs from side to side, this helps with clots as well as gentle exercise of the muscles. it also helps with feeding pains, and trust me they can be every bit like a contraction smile

so, stay no less then 5 days, get active as soon as u have legs , if ur in pain, make them medicate u, theres no room for matyrs when u have a ceaser, it's major surgery, and if the pain relief isnt working, always talk about it with them.

goodluck and keep us up to date on how it was for you smile


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