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Older child in labour room??? Lock Rss

I have a 7 yr old and no family around...All our friends will be either overseas or work trips around the time bub is due and we have no one to watch over my son... my husband wants to be there at the birth, and that leaves the problem of who can watch the eldest??? The OB said I could have him in the room so long as he could handle it emotionally. My mum, who was at his delivery said I was very dignified and calm and that she didn't see a problem having my son in the room as long as I was like that again. She suggested he have the job of waterboy, dabbing my head and getting ice chips.

He loves watching medical shows and has even seen a birth on tv. It showed everything in a documentry and there was even an emergency C-section. DS is also anxious about where he'll go during the birth as he asked to stay with us.

I'm up in the air about it, my husband is worried about it. I don't know if I could handle worrying about him if he had to sit in a waiting area.

What do you think??? should older children be allowed to be at the birth.
yep! i think its great as long as the older child has someone with them and they are able to leave the room if need be...

i have supported clients who have wanted older children there, often i get the older child to 'help' me do my job. they loooove making mummy feel better!

I don't think there's a right or wrong here - just depends whether you think he can handle it.

I wouldn't have a child in the labour room with me, purely because I was sooo not dignified. Everything felt out of control when I was in full-on labour - hence I was scared and noisy! Prob not good for a kid to witness lol.

But if you think you will be ok, and your DS is mature enough to cope, then it could be fine for you. As previous poster said, just make sure he can leave the room with someone if he needs to.
why not use the MIL to mind him if she is going to be there.

Mum to 5 amazing gifts from God. 3 girls 2 boys

I'd use my MIL if I could be sure she wasn't going to be abusive and insult the poor kid in the waiting room...She isn't the most understanding person and she may blame my DS for being the reason she missed the birth...
She may not but the worry remains. She snaps very quickly and sometimes very abusively. Also, I'm not expecting baby to come on the due date, so I need back up plans.
I had my daughter with me last time, she was five, almost six. But, I gave her the choice. She was desperate to be there and see the birth, and really enthusiastic. As long as your child wants to be there, it's fine, otherwise it's probably better to hire a babysitter or nanny to stay with them at home.
He wants to be there, from the time I told him I was pregnant he has asked about it. I'm going to see if the birthing suite have some labour videos I can show him. I'll prepare him as much as possible.

My daughter is going to be 6 just after this bubs is due and she has asked well more like told me that she will be in the labour room... she has been a part of this entire pregnnacy been to every ob appointment and is really excited about the birth of her baby brother.
my mum is going to be there ready to take her out if it all gets too much and I have also spoke to the midwives about it all and they are fine with it too.
I have prepared her for the fact that if anything goes wrong and I have to be rushed off that the doctors and nurses will take good care of me and the baby and not to worry but that she can't come into the theater room with me and she'll have to wait outside but that as soon as baby is out they'll bring her brother out for her to hold which seems to be her main concern... she wants to be the first to hold him! lol

good luck with it all and in all honesty if your MIL isn't going to be supportive you won't want her in there I was 17 when I had my daughter and my mum was so stressed and kept telling my that I was "doing it wrong" how can you have contractions wrong! but any way and that I wasn't pushing hard enough... in the end my OB had to ask her to shut up or leave as she wasn't helping the situation and I was doing fine! considering I was in labour for nearly 2 days I was completely exhausted and was doing my best. Mum knows this time that if she starts up again she'll be asked to leave and I'll just have the midwives and OB deliver me so I hope she'll behave! lol
Hi Mumby2

There is a great website which I found when I was pregnant that has several birth videos. The link I've provided below is the stages of labour which I'm pretty sure shows the birth at the end. There are so many videos on this site including either animated or real life caesarians or following various couples through their births. Yes they are graphic and show the business end! So if you want some up to date videos to watch & show your son this is a great resource. I might put a post on with this link for others. Goodluck!


Thanks for the link...I'll show him.

So he knows babies don't grow in vegie patches. hehehe
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