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Independant Midwife in Brisbane? Lock Rss

Hi I am looking for an independant midwife to assist me while labouring at home as long as possible, as am planning a VBAC. Any recommendations? (prob should have started searching sooner!)

Huggies Mum abroad!

When are you due?

Basically to get a midwife in Brisbane you have to book them as soon as you find out you are preg...

Have you thought about hiring a doula?

I supported a client thru a VBAC (twin c-sec) this morning, we stayed at home until really late, it was amazingly fantastic! she had an all natural drug free birth! Healthy lil (big!) boy 9pd 7.5oz!!

I have found two m/w's that are willing to book me in but are still heavily booked around my due date. I am not keen on a doula and would feel much more comfortable with a medical professional. I wish to be monitored internittently while at home as well as being supported due to previous complications. Glad to hear of the sucessful vbac though!

Huggies Mum abroad!

Fair enough! i completely understand that!

I just had someone pop into mind... Chris Vose. have you contacted her? She is a midwife and a doula (so does medical and comfort mesures!) she owns OB! she is a realllly wonderful wonderful lovely lady! i think her email is on the site but if not its [email protected]


I am just wondering what sort of monitoring you are talking about? Doulas still do VE's & fetal heart monitoring if that is what you mean.
Midwives can too of course but just thought I'd mention in case cost was an issue....
Doulas dont (and cant) do anything medical, including fetal heart monitering and V.E... we legally arnt allowed too, because that is when our job turns medical and we arent medically trained smile

Thanks for your responses! Yes i do want fetal heart monitoring, but by a medical professional. Part of my having a sucessful VBAC is feeling at ease and relaxed, having a m/w with me will do that as I am in professional hands, having a support person is not what i'm after.
Had a chat with Chris (she is as expensive as my ob) so prob won't go with her based on that alone, found another lovely m/w at half the cost YAY!!!

Huggies Mum abroad!

Thats awesome!!! YAY for you! Best of luck with your VBAC!!!

(sorry i dont know how much Chris charges.... she was just the only person i thought of at the time... sorry!)

No Melissa that's completely cool I appreciate you telling me smile

Huggies Mum abroad!

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