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my labour from hell Lock Rss

hi everyone,

they say you forget all about the pain i feel like i'm still traumaized by the whole birth.. I dont think i will go back again for another..

after 27 hrs of labour, gas,pethadine & epidural i still felt the whole thing.. not only that when i was delivering the placenta it started to break up so the doctor had her hands inside of me trying to rip it out of me & that was painful more painful than giving birth, then having to be stitched up as well..

my daughter is the apple of my eye. but i will never forget how painful childbirth is..

*hugs* to you honey! It sounds like you had a lot of intervention sad

Have you seen this website at all?

Not sure if you are in Brisbane or not but the website is great anyway! I went along to these meet ups for a while & it really helped me get over my PTSD. You can email Melissa & Deb even if you aren't in Brissy.
***hugs*** Nothing i can say will ease the emotional pain of a traumatic birth. But i just wanted to let you know that i had a client a few months ago that had an extreamly traumatic first birth, and accidently got preg when her bub was a few months old (she swore after bub #1 no more babys) anyway, she wanted to try and have a natural intervention free birth for #2... she was still getting over first birth and was really petrified of birth... I supported her thru her labour and she did sooo brilliently, 3 hour labour (40+hrs first birth) no drugs... total empowerment! Now that she knows that her body didnt fail her the first time and that she CAN birth babys well she is getting past the traumatic birth and looking forward to bubby #3 and the birth!

Please feel free to PM me if you want to talk, i do alot of birth de breifing councelling with women (and men who have been traumatised by birth)

I am so sorry you had a traumatic birth. I just wanted to send you some hugs and to let you know that there is support there for people who have been traumatised by birth. It CAN be different for you next time. The 2 beautiful women who posted previously are very wise!!

Congratulations on your beautiful baby!
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