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Waters breaking Lock Rss

hi all
I am having my second baby as alot of you know, but with my first baby my waters had tobe broken and I didnt even feel it as I had a very strong epidural. I ma wondering what it feels like and how will i know. My mum said nce hers gushed and a big mess, the other time it trickled. I ahve read another thread in here that says sometimes it can trickle but it could be your hind waters. How do i know the difference. i was expecting a show first as I had a show with Ash 2 days before. Occasionally i feel a wetness but I know its not wee. it sounds gross but we r all preg or have been! lol I am just not sure. I am expecting a gsuh but what if that doesnt happen? I know that if your watedrs break early you need to go to hospital incase of infection, but I dont want to get there and have them tell me i wet myself! lol Its so embarrassing yet so confusing... What do u think? how do i know? I ma 37 and a bit weeks by the way.

Ashton 13/8/04, dylan 27/8/05, #3 due 22/9/07

With my first my waters had to be broken with my last baby I had no pains but having gone to bed at night felt as though I was wetting myself, there was probably only about half a cup full, but it kept on trickling through out the night, in the early morning the pains started and I kept on leaking sometimes only a little but other times it felt like quite a lot - I had to sit on a supply of old towels. By the time I was in full labour there was not a lot of fluid to come out with the baby. I guess it is different for us all, but that was my experience, it may be totally different with this one I am carrying.
Hope your birth goes well.

Nikki, Brissie, mum of 3,

hi with my first baby my waters just trickled out then after about an hour more and more started to come out and I started having mild cramps from the time they broke, with my 2nd it trickled then when I stood up it gushed out and I had very strong contractions from about a minute after they broke.

I thought my water had broken when I was about 37 weeks along I had a small gush but it turned out to be a false alarm and it made me wonder if i'd wet myself but it did feel differnt and I dont think it was wee but I guess i will never know.

I think you will know when it comes for real

2 little darlings 29/01/03 + 17/03/05


I was induced with my first child and therefore I was at the hospital. My waters broke about 45 mins later as I sat down following a short walk and they dribbled down my leg.

With my second child I was unsure of when they would break and where I might have been when they did. I kept asking the midwife at each of my visits leading up to the birth if I should come in when I get pains or when my waters break. I could say I was pretty anxious about it.

As it turned out my waters broke about 30 seconds before my baby was born so I'm glad I didn't wait for that to happen before I left for the hospital.

Whataheart - Girls16/1/00, 28/4/05 & 04/09/08

Hi everyone,
For about 5 days before i had my daughter i kept having this leeking on & off it would soak through my undies and pants & it wasn't yellow and had no smell like urine, anyway 2 days before i gave birth i rang the hospital as i was worried and they got me to come in for a check, they made me wear a pad for an hour & then 2 different midwifes checked it and said its hind water fluid not urine & that ive got a pinhole leak, i then had a Oby check me(he looked all of 18 &just out of medical school)& he said its urine which i still dont believe it was & was sent home,the next night(Thursday) i had a show & the contractions started but my waters broke with a big gush about 45 mins before i had her(Friday 11.50pm)
If you are concerned i would ring your hospital and get them to check it out & put your mind at ease
Good luck smile

ME25, DF28, DD 4, DS18 months

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