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NT scans Lock Rss

I am 34 and having our first child at our NT scan we were told that our NT measurement was too high (0.49mm) and that we had a high risk of downs syndrome. So we had to have a CVS (biopsy of the placenta) all results came back negative. The Drs are suggesting that the baby have a heart ultrsound at 25 wks to make sure that they is no heart problem either. I am wondering how many other people have been through this and should i still be worried as i have heard other people give birth to happy and healthy babies with the same measurement


I can not answer your question, although I did have a friend with a high NT measurement who had a healthy baby. I had a low NT measurement but when my bloods and age were taken into consideration I fell into the high category for Downs Syndrome. I had my 20 week scan yesterday (having decided not to opt for any invasive tests) and they were very happy with what they saw, good heart size, blood flow through it and heart rate. The letter to my GP says they saw no abnormailities. This puts my mind at ease, although until I am holding my baby we cant be positive that all is ok. I am sure with you having had CVS and that result being negative that all will be well.

Nikki, Brissie, mum of 3,

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