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Ive just been hand writing a rough copy of my birth plan and it is FOUR pages long!

I know that once i type it up it wont be that long, but it got me to thinking, how long the "average" birth plan should be or what others have found when they wrote theirs.

I have been very precise and covered pretty much every angle of the labour and birth (my hospital is pretty useless so i though it necessary to spell it all out for them)

What does everyone else think ?
Hi emma

Well done on actually writing a plan !!!! I remember for my first the hospital asked what my birth plan was, and I answered "to get this baby out, what else !!!" But seriously I did actually write one also and it was 2 pages long hand written.
I then typed it out and point formed it and got it down to half a page...... and after all of that.... never used it !!!

Don't get too stressed over how long or short it is.... as long as you have an idea of what you want..... but generally when you are actually in labour..... things just happen and you will find you may just go with the flow anyway depending on how you feel.......
Biggest thing is to make sure your birth partner knows where your plan is i.e. in your labour bag etc.... and that they understand what you want, as sometimes you may find you won't have the energy to speak, let alone worry about reading it to double check stuff.

Can I just say that its great that you wrote one out.... but please have an open mind to absolutely anything available to you...... I went in saying I did not want an epidural nor an episiotomy.... and I ended up with both..... just be ready to change your mind to what you have written is all Im saying.....

I wish you all the very very best for the labour that you want and hope your beautiful daughter arrives happy,healthy & safe.... and you too !

Shell, DS 23/1/06 & DD 11/9/07 WA

I had one in my bag, but when I got to the hospital they didn't ask for it, and I was so caught up in what was happening that I forgot to give it to them.

In the end, my labour did not go as I had anticipated, so the "plan" pretty much went out the window! LOL

But, to answer your question, mine was pretty brief - one page in point form. Just kinda a list of the main things I wanted.
to be honnest i think its a waste of time paper and pen.i'm not bothering writhing a birth plan.i cant even plan what i'm doing to do tommorow if i'm going otu or not and how can i plan how i'm gonna give birth?there is things u cant plan just happens my friend was going to have elective c section and she was given date and booked in the hospital but went in labour 2 days before her csection and gave birth i'm not wrighting birth plan

Hi there,

Our birth plan was about three pages... but we did have just over a page of writing that explained our family history. (we lost our first DD to heart problems, so we wanted to spell out all of our feelings about that and how it effected us for the birth of our second DD)

I tried to put as much as possible into point form. Then what you want doesn't get lost in the mix, and it is more specific and easier to read. I took a few copies with me to the hospital. I printed it up on coloured paper, so when ever the midwives looked at my file, they all went to the coloured paper and wondered what it was... so they all read it.

Your birth plan needs to be as long as your list of requests. Of course if its is a very long document, then it will be harder for the midwives to take it all in. Throw EVERYTHING in first and then tweak it as you go.

Like some of the other girls have said, anything can happen, so just go with the flow. I think though, having a plan written out, makes you think about the kind of birth you want to have, and I think it can really help sort out things in your head down the track, if they don't go to plan. I think, even just writing it down, and make it clearer in our heads. Sometimes we dont realise what expectations we have in our heads, until we read them back on paper.
[Edited on 26/08/2007]

I have mine already (if this baby will ever come!) and it is exactly 1 compuer typed page long. I mentioned who my support partner is (DH), pain medication I would like in order of preference, dh to be with me if emergency c-section absolutely necessary, my preference of ventouse over forceps, episiotomy only if exteremly necessary, either dh or myself to be with bubs at all times if he needs to go to special care, dh to cut the umbilical cord after pulsation, i would prefer to have injection to help with delivery of placenta and hospital to dispose of it, skin to skin contact straight away, breastfeed straight away before any weighing measuring etc. can't think of anything else I put on their right now but good luck and I say just spell out anything you think could be hard to make a decision over while you are out of it regardless of how long it is.

Good Luck.


Well, im only just preg, but iv written up my birthplan, its about 3-4pages long, typed... feel free to have a look ices/mybirthplan.htm

you may have to take any spaces out, i cant seem to get it right!)
[Edited on 26/08/2007]

hi everyone
thanks for your advice.

about being open to anything, i hope to have a drug free natural labour but have stated what i wish to have if i should change my mind, also about what i wish to happen if i have to have a c-section (as far as baby, DF and recovery)
so i feel like i have left my options open and i do understand that anything can happen but i figured i would rather have it all out there so that everyone involved knows what my preferences are, to save any questions when the time comes.

i created my birth plan based on a list of things my doula gave to me so it covers everything from IV's to eating and drinking, to medication, to repairing tears etc.

Thanks everyone for your feedback smile
I'd make a point form birthplan.

Start with first, second and third stages of labour and what you'd like to happen...If the hospital staff are pretty slack chances are they wont read a page of demands but rather brush it aside.

At least if you put the main points for each stage they are more likely to acknowledge it.

Give a detailed birthing plan to your birthing partner though and possibly ask the stff to file a copy in your notes before the labour.
Just my suggestions.

My birth plan was about 3 pages in length. I gave it to the midwife who read through it, but I believe that it was a waste of time because no one referred to it in the end.

I wrote that I didn't want an epidural or c-setion and I ended up having a c-section but because they couldn't insert the epidural I ended up having a general anaesthetic. Something that I didn't even consider to tell you the truth!

I think it is a good idea to become knowledgable on all the things that may happen because when they ask you if you want an epidural or they tell you that they will have to do something, you can then ask why or you will have the knowledge. It would be ideal to plan out the birth the way you want it to happen, but in the end you just want the baby out in a way that it will not be harmed. As long as the baby makes it out safely and the mother is ok, that is the main thing.

If you can stick to your birth plan than I wish you all the luck in the world. However, don't get dissapointed if things don't go the way you want them to because it can cause a lot of emotional grief and you don't want to have a negative experience after all.

Daughter 4 and son is almost 2

My birth plan consisted of "Will see what is happening at the time and will go with the flow. I am open to all suggestions on positions and pain relief if I decide to use it. If there are any problems and my baby needs treatment then my DH is to go with baby and stay until I am able to join them. I also want to BF as soon after birth as possible" I did this as DD was my first and I didn't want to be disappointed if things didn't go as planned.

you all make good points.

I am open to anything and dont expect that everything will go to plan but at least they know where i stand.

I am showing my birth plan to my doula today and going to get her to help me to revise it and then i will type it up and see how long it is.

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