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What were you doing when you went into labour? anything you think triggered it? Lock Rss

Like the title says, what were you doing when you went into labour? do you think your activity at the time was in anyway responsible for triggering it? Or do you think it just happens when it happens?
I am 39 1/2 weeks now and everyone is full of advise on how to bring on the labour, one person even suggested some heavy duty gardening and mowing the lawn - call me crazy but i so dont have enough energy or the inclination for that kind of shenannegans.
I would love to hear your stories - My first pregnancy was a mulitple birth and i was booked for a c-section and i have never had the excitment of going into labour, so this waiting game is all new to me.

hehe yeah they say doing activities brings it like walking up big hills etc.. but for me i was sleeping when my labour came!!! haha woke up and there we go, off to the hospital.

mine was stressing that i hadnt finished my assignment that was due the next day and i was trying really hard to do it and stressing thinking i was going to fail and dissapoint everyone.
and then off i went to the toilet and well
that assignment wasnt handed in.
lucky coz i hadnt finished it.

A walk on the beachh did it for me. Apparently its one of those wives tales im sure people are telling you. The others i have heard are long walks and sex.
Good luck and i wish you a great birth experience!
I had tried the walking, sex, hot food etc, but none of it worked.

One morning I got desperate and took a dose of castor oil - but nothing seemed to happen. That night, I resigned myself to the fact it wasn't gonna happen yet, so ran myself a nice bubble bath.
I was in the bath for a couple of minutes and POP! my waters broke. lol

So I don't know if it was the castor oil, or just a coincidence that bubs chose to come that night smile
i had already had contractions 2 weeks b4 bub came but nothing ever happened from them. i just woke up early in the morning with a feeling of a trickle (waters broke) and i was off to hospital as i was already 2cm dilated.

I was asleep when I got up to pee and saw my show, then contractions started and hour later. Not sure if this will help but my partner and I had sex that night so maybe it did put me into labour.

as much as I didn't really feel like it at the time, we had sex. After my husband said to me as a joke 'just give me a few hours sleep then we can go to the hospital' i woke up 2 hours later with pains and another hour after that we were at the hospital. I tried everything in book and that one seemed to work. Good luck hope everything goes well.

I don't think anything triggered mine - it was 6am and I was sleeping!

Isabella 27/4/06 & Nicola 9/4/08

we had been shopping on the saturday and the car park was full so we had a big walk and DH decided to take the stairs. so i waddles up 2 flights of stairs and was puffed. then we went to watch my brother play soccer, and my mum joked that there was 2 nurses in his team. then that night my contractions stared. but it was 24hours later that my water broke in the middle of the night.
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I was happily asleep when I started getting labour pains at 5am on the 27th December (2 days before my due date). The night before, I had inserted at Evening Primrose capsule and slept with a Lavender potpourri satchel under my pillow, which I believe both helped to bring on my labour.

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