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Can anyone tell me some information on cesarean section what goes on during the op and after and how long is it before you get to hold your baby??

Cheers Blushing23
Well this was my experience:
Had an epidural that numbed me from the middle of my body down.
You are wheeled into theatre and a curtain is raised so that you can not see your lower half. The surgeon then cuts through your fat and muscle to reach the baby- you feel no pain but you do feel the tugging and pulling- and then pulls the baby out basically. This took around 10 mins. The big wait is then the sewing up because every layer has to be stitched bit by bit and that took my surgeon about half an hour to 40 mins. During that time my baby was checked and my husband held him while all I could do was hold his little hand. I think this is why C-sections are considered a barrier to establishing breastfeeding- not just the hormone thing but you don't get to feed straight away (although I believe some hospitals do try to do this anyrate). I also had a lot of people in the theatre with me- Nurse, Midwife, Surgeon, Anaesthetist, Pead., Husband etc. I don't know if all C-sections are like this but I wouldn't think there would be to much variation.

I think like with everything everyones experience is different. My experience was as follows.
We checked into the hospital at 7am and by 8.30am we were into surgery and i was having an epidural - I did not mind the epidural so much and would not hesitate to have another one. By 9am both my gorgeous daughters were born and i was being stiched up.
My daughters were not very well when they arrived so i could not touch or hold them and they were taken away to the neonatal ICU - I know of friends however who got to hold there babies pretty much straight away so do not be scared by this as i said everyone has a different experience.
My recovery was fantastic i really had no trouble at all. I had strong pain relief for about 3 days and then only had panadol if needed which wasn't very frequent. I was up and at them 24 hours after the procedure and coped really well.

I am booked for another c-section tomorrow so fingers crossed - the only i want different is the health of my baby.
Good luck with your decidion
Hi Blushing23

I had to have an emergency C-section. I was taken to theatre and the epidural was administered there. Then they put up the screen so you can't see and deliver the baby (but I believe you can look if you want to). You can only feel slight pressure and tugging sometimes but no pain whatsoever. They took bub to the little table where they clean them up. She was born into meconium so they had to aspirate her lungs and clean her up before weighing her etc. Hubby was right there taking photos and I just watched on like it was a movie with tears in my eyes. It was amazing. It was only 5 minutes or so while they did all this until I was able to hold her. We had five minutes or so all together and had a couple of family photos while they began stitching me up. Then hubby went with her while I was stitched and placed in recovery for half an hour or so. It seemed like no time at all before we were together again on the ward. It was probably an hour or so but only felt like half that time. I knew what to expect as I had read up on c-sections (so good on you for being prepared) so I wasn't disappointed that I was left on my own or anything after the birth. I was just so elated I had a beautiful baby girl and she was safe with my husband.

I have put a separate post up but there is both an animated and real life caesarian video on Just click on the video tab and type in caesarian and it should take you to them. Then you can see the actual surgery part of it.

My recovery was very good and I had little discomfort seeing as it is surgery. Well...they do pump you with pethadine for 48 hours so I guess that had something to do with it! Best of luck with whatever birth you end up with. You just never know!


Its been interesting to read your experiences as I am facing a c-section as bubs is in a transverse breech position, which Im not sure about too much (still learning about it) but apparently is pretty unsafe for mums to deliver by VB.
So I too am just starting my study on c-sections.... a little late probably because Im due in 2weeks...... but best I start now...

Thanks again for sharing !

Shell, DS 23/1/06 & DD 11/9/07 WA

I have high possibility of facing a C sec, since i have twins, and they only deliver them head down here and head down 2nd Breech in perth and both my little babies have decided transverse is fun at the moment.. (i'm hoping they'll move..) i'm pretty scared about the operation.
I had a epidural in before I knew I was going to have a ceaser as my baby was starting to stress, but it wasn't scary at all. You are transferred to a operating table and I was covered in warm blankets, the nurses were fablous. My husband came in once I was all set up and the doctor asked me if i could feel her rubbing a sharp object over my bell which i couldn't. My ob was talking to me the whole time telling me stories about my scar. There are lots of people around, doctors, nurses etc included your husband. You can't see anything as there is a sheet up between you and your belly and then all of a sudden you can hear cries which made me cry. You can still feel the movments of your belly as they are pushing the baby out, which made me feel a bit sea sick. All up I think it was about 2 hours before I was back in my room and able to hold my baby, which I did need help with. All I can say is don't be scared it is a experience you wont forget just like a vaginal birth. If you want to know anything else just ask. Good luck.

i was lucky cause i had a spinal block which is alot less painful than an epidural, than hubby come into the room. about ten minutes later they held bub up to show us then a nurse come around and got hubby to cut the cord, hubby brought him over so i could give hima kiss than they took him away for his needle etc while they stitched me up which took about ten minutes than they wheeled me to recovery where i waited probaly another ten then got wheeled down to bub and hubby where ds got straight onto the boob for our first cuddle which was great. i have a couple of mates that nursed their bubs in the thetre but i couldnt take him off dad he was so excited. but you usualy get them them pretty much straight away
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