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Hospital Policy Lock Rss

I rang my hospital this afternoon to find out what their policy and procedures are with regards to having a c section (not that i am planning one. im just educating myself on all the possible ways the birth could go)

They told me that DF can go with bubs but i cant have a support person in recovery with me???? (i was going to have my doula there)

Does anyone elses hospitals have this "rule" ?

I didnt ask why they say no one in recovery because the midwife was quite "busy" sounding and very short with me.
I will ask but was feeling a little unwelcome so left it at that.

Just curious as the mum should be allowed a support person there so she is not alone surely!
Hi, I haven't had a c-section but my sister has had 4 and each time no-one was allowed to go to recovery with her. It wouldn't be nice being alone after having bubs and everyone else see's the baby and you are just lying there waiting.

Godluck with the rest of your pregnancy.

when my friend had a c-section he baby was taken away for checking etc into another room. so while they did all that her partner stayed with her while she was stitched back up and everthing.
they then took her to another room for recovery where they bought the baby in and her partner sat there with her and the baby.
quiet strange how they wont let you have a support person.
id be telling them where to go
theres no way id want to sit there all alone in recovery thinking holy crap this hurts.

so im pretty sure you will be allowed to have a support person in there.

Hi Emma!

I would also not let that baby out of your sight or your husbands sight. They can do their checking when you are good and ready. (Apart from the obvious initial check.): )
i am dumbfounded by this bull**** rule that you cant have someone there in recovery.

Why the hell not?

Argh im furious.

and dont worry OC if i cant be with my baby then DF will be right there the whole time.

hopefully it never even comes down to this, but just trying to be prepared iykwim
[Edited on 31/08/2007]
In the hospital that i'm hoping to give birth in, they actually let you have skin to skin contact with your baby while your getting stiched up and then you all go into, baby, and partner.
thats so good moni

i hate my f'ing hospital

i hate that i live in a dump of a place where all the medical technology seems to be 10 years behind civilisation
Worth bearing in mind - recovery is just that. You would be there for an hour tops, you're a bit out of it as the drugs wear off and you don't really need anything except a bit of breathing space esp. if you've had an emergency c/s. Some hospitals have a specific recovery area in maternity for c/s patients, other send you to a general surgical recovery area. If you are in maternity you are more likely to be able to be with your baby because you have mid wives around you. Any hospital should allow you (if all is well) to cuddle your baby as soon as they're out and let your DP stay with the baby whilst you're in recovery. Really can't imagine why your doula couldn't sit with you in recovery even if the baby can't??

Nikki, 26. Mum to William 1.3.06; Callum 30.10.07

hi nikki yeah i do understand what you are saying about recovery not being for a long time but that first hour or so after baby is born is so important for bonding and i just dont want to miss out on that sad

i dont know either
i am going to ask at my antenatal in a couple of weeks and if they cant answer i will write a letter to someone in charge to get reliable answers
I had a c-section in April and went into recovery by myself while my husband went with the baby upstairs. I was quite numb from the whole experience and the epidural - it was a strange mix of emotions.. relief that it was over and that baby was ok and also weird not being able to move at all - i felt like a beached whale. i was in there for quite awhile maybe an hour before they took me to postnatal ward. Looking back it would've been nice to have had someone in there like my mum or sister but i guess everything worked out ok in the end.


You ARE allowed a support person in recovery!!!

I attended a c-sec not long ago and stayed with mum throughout the operation, then afterwards - her DH went with bub for checks then brought bub to recovery for a feed smile

TELL the hospital how it is going to be. dont let them push you around!!

Write a C - birth plan out lining how you want it, also bub does not need to be taken away straight away all intial checks can be done on your chest (Ask that the petition be put down a bit and not up near your neck so this is possible)
research has shown that skin to skin contact with the mother is extremely important directly after birth. I am also using a Doula and she would be allowed in recovery with me if I was to need a C. Ask your Doula to help research it all with you and send a letter to the hospital explaining your position while backing it up with actual information, they'll find it harder to argue that way, don't just accept 'but it's hospital policy' thats just bollocks. Good Luck!!

Take Care Gem, Mannix and Colton

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