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how does it feel when your waters break? Rss

Hello all,
Just a quick question , how does it feel when your waters break? Painful? Are there any signs like bubs movements, etc.
Thanks heaps.

Inez, perth WA, Sophie 23/01/06, Jet 21/09/07

When mine broke it didn't hurt and to be honest it wasn't like i felt anything different except like a warm rush of water come out(was sitting on the toilet so i thought id popped my bladder for a second lol sorry tmi) and the sensation makes you raise an eyebrow but trust me you'll know it when it happens. If your standing or laying down it may not gush out but instead you'll get little trickles when you shift position or take steps because bubs head acts like a big cork and most of the fluids will have trouble getting past the head.


It didn't hurt at all - I heard a "pop" sound in my belly, then a gush of warm water.

I was in the bath at the time - so had to jump out check that I wasn't imagining the water part LOL!
haha that sounds so cool, my waters didnt break for my first so im looking forward to having the feeling i hope this time!

my waters didnt break either for the first time, Im curious to feel how its like this time around smile
Thanks girls for the reply.

Inez, perth WA, Sophie 23/01/06, Jet 21/09/07

My first thoughts where have I drank to much that I'm wetting the bed. As we had a new mattress I jumped up as I thought the floor was easier to clean then the bed. So no it just feels like a warm sensation.

I was lying down and got a small braxton hicks contraction and then felt a trickling sensation, I jumped up and it gushed out. I didn't get any more contractions for about 8 hours so had a lot of wet waiting, your body keeps producing amniotic fluid even after your waters break so I went through quite a number of maxi pads.

Well, i was in bed when my waters broke, and it felt like i had a water balloon inside of me, (just above pubic bone area) and it felt like it had burst, i could nearly hear it through the feel of it, if that makes sense??? I did a massive army roll straight away out of bed, and by the time i was in the air the water was gushing out. Only for a short time, i then grabbed a towel and headed for the toilet as i really didnt know what to expect, or if there was more to come, i sat on the toilet for about 5 minutes, then i was like OH NO, what if the baby pops out while i am sitting on here! (had heard to many stories!!!) So then i went and had a shower, by that stage half an hour had passed, and my contractions were kicking in, OMG!!!!!! At this stage i rang hospital to let them know waters had broken, and to expect me in when my contractions were closer..... which was about 8 hours later. I wanted to stay at home as long as possible as i was so scared of the whole birth thing!

3 Little Ones to Love.....

mine broke at 1am. i was already in labour but contractions were only 15 mins apart. so i was trying to get some sleep inbetween them when i woke up to go to the bathroom. i made it to the tiles and that was as far as i got (didn't even get to turn the light on) and it was like a waterfall. mine gushed everywhere. from then on i don't remember much. i know i yelled at DH and then jumped in the shower and laft for the hospital.

good luck. they say only 10% of women actually have there waters break naturally.
I had my water broken both time by the doc, just felt warm and wet

Nothing to see here folks!!

I was having contractions about 3mins apart and was swapping from the warm shower during the break to sitting on the toilet whilst having contractions leaning back against the cistern.
My waters broke with an audible 'POP' and as i was leaning back, they catapulted across the ensuite and hit the back wall!! the waters breaking didnt hurt, just surprised the hell outta me as i think i was in denial at how far advanced my labour was. BUT oh my, the contractions once my waters broke... OUCH.

Luckily for me my waters didn't break because it was the only thing keeping bub from making a grand entrance along the M4

After 15mins of intense pushing trying to break my own membranes the doc broke them for me....

and the only words that described it for me was

r e l i e f .....

Hubby said he was amazed at how much actually came out too.....

I also agree with lady_kh, once my waters broke, the contractions became very intense indeed...

Luke & ~Rhiarna~ 13.05.04 & Ryan 26.03.07

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