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To caesar or not to caesar? Lock Rss

I am expecting2nd baby in about 6 weeks and until recently was determined to give birth vaginally.
My 1st was born via emergency caesar after 20 hours of labour as he became stuck.
At the time I was absolutely devastated and dissapointed. I didn't get to hold my baby until an hour or so later, had severe shakes from the epidural drugs, and had trouble with breastfeeding to the point of ceasing after 2 weeks!

Anyway, I have high hopes of this time being different labourwise but have started to wonder if maybe the best option for my baby and myself would be to have an elective?! I would be more prepared mentally knowing what to expect and would hopefully be stronger to be able to insist on the baby being put onto my tummy as soon as possible, blood and all. I missed out on this last time. Also I would not be as tired from a long labour as well and hopefully in a better postiton to manage post operative pain.
Also because breastfeding sucessfully is still a high priority, this may go better, but I would still have an open mind if it dosen't.
What do others think?
Sorry for long post.
I had my first baby via C-Section, I had suffered high BP through out the pregnancy but it was controlled with medication until just the very last week before I was due where it kept going up higher and then the night before my due date i was put into hospital as my BP went up to 160 over 110 so then that very next morning they told me they would have to give me a caesar as I could not be induced as my cervix was not ready etc and I had Pre-Eclampsia, well this all upset me alot as I wasn't really mentally ready to have a C-Section at that time, anyway I had a beautiful healthy baby girl, but I came out of the operation pretty bad, shaking and quite sick, was then stuck in bed for 24 hours unable to move and got quite upset as couldn't do anything for my baby, so I was quite devestated at the time. I also had a few problems breast feeding, that was because I didn't have enough milk for my little girl, I did fully breast feed her till 6 weeks but then comp feed her with formula up till 3mths then gave away the breastfeeding.
When I fell with my 2nd, again I had BP problems but was told I could still opt for a natural birth if all stayed okay with my BP, but by about the 3rd month of my pregnancy my BP was still bordering all the time even on medication so my hubby and I made the decision I would opt for a elective
C-Section for this 2nd baby, so then this gave me time to prepare mentally plus they gave us the date they would do the operation at that point, mind you that got changed 3 times before I had my C-Section so not always they go by the date they give you as I went Public, anyway I went on to have a healthy baby boy last May and I came out of this operation so much better, I was feeling great when they took me back to the ward, i didn't get the shakes nor was I sick, I felt fantastic, so then I was up out of bed within about 8 hours, so this time around I got to do all the things with my baby boy in those early days and I recovered so well. I tried to breastfeed my son, but we had major dramas from the very start as he couldnt' suck, so we had to basically teach him how to suck, when he mastered this he was doing not too bad, but again I didn't have enough milk and he was losing way too much weigh in those first few weeks so I then just put him on to formula for every feed.
I never went into labour with either of my children, even though I ended up having both of them on their due dates, but I'm not worried I didn't have contractions prior to having them as I have experienced contractions as I had a miscarriage inbetween my 2 children where I got terrible contractions losing the baby for 2 days and I dont' want to go through that pain again so was quite happy I didn't go into labour with my children.
We are now trying for No.3 and I will have another C-Section and I'm not worried at all this time about it. Good luck with what you decide to do as only you can make that decision, I choose to do the elective 2nd time around as I knew I would run into probably the same troubles I did with my first and didnt' want to be rushed into a C-Section, I much preferred preparing for it well in advance. Sorry for rambling on, but I hope this gives you an idea of when I experienced with C-Sections.

I think only you can make this decision. You are right though in saying that if you did choose a c-section this time at least you know the things you will choose to do differently and ask for this right off the bat.

Good luck in your decision.
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