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Natural birth after 2 c sections (VBAC) Lock Rss

HI all I have had 2 C Sections and am pregnant with 3rd (due July) and hoping to have a natural birth this time round.

My first labour (37 hours long) was 9 years ago when I was 17. I had every intervention possible which started with induction (2 weeks over due) and ended in a Energency C Section. (My son was posterier and his head got stuck and as I was stuck on a bed (due to epidural which I was told I had to have!) he could not get through. Had forceps then emergancy C section.) And a long recovery.

When I was pregnant with my second almost 5, I was told I had to have a C section.
This one was much better I recovered quicker but not able to drive for 7 weeks. Only downside was my daughter swallowed fluid when she was being born (I now know this can be common with C Sections) so had to go into S.C.B.U for 4 days as she could not breath right.

After doing a lot of reading I now know most of the interventions I had wth my son were not needed and I should have been able to have a natural with my daughter.

I have been lucky to find a supportive midwife who believes in Active birth and is willing to allow trial of labour if all goes well with pregnancy.

However I have had some bleeding (started and 14 weeks and still going). Scan showed no problem and baby ok. No cause for bleeding. Seeing my Midwife on Tuesday so hopefully this will not cause any problems.

I would be keen to hear from any one who has had 2 c sections and was able to have a natural with 3rd or is hoping too.

Chrissy AKL NZ. Due July (3rd child)

mum2 AJ 05, Mary-Jane 04, Rachael 99 & Jonothan 94

Hi Chrissy
I had the same sort of problems with my first boy after 24hrs of labour ending in a emergency ceaser.
fearing the same i decided on a elective ceaser the second child but i felt like such a failure choosing to have an elective. I was 100% committed to haveing a vbac the 3rd time so i did as much research as i could. The hospital and dr's were'nt very happy but i did'nt care so i went into labour at 37wks and ended up with another ceaser. I also found out the my children have a genetic skin disorder (which i am a carrier of) and they are deficient in a hormone that creates the whole labour process. I am about to have another baby boy in 5wks and we don't know if this one has the same disorder but i would love to be able to have him naturally. So good luck with yours and any thing is possible if you have enough information on it so that you know what the risks are and how far to push it.

Stacey, Tas, 4 boys

Hi Thanks for your responce.
My midwife came to see me on Friday and we discussed the labour and stuff and we both agreed it would be best for me to labour at home for as long as poss as she said when I go into hospital (is hospital procedure with VBA C) they will want to give me a drip and that may lead to more interventions which may lead to another c section.
So the plan will be to stay home until I am at 7cm then head to hospital, but she said if I get to 9cm we may stay at home for the birth. By staying at home as long as possible will give me a better chance at a natural. Also with my Midwife living just around the corner she is close at hand.
We are also going to look at starting natural induction from 38 weeks to also increase my chances of a natural. Has one else done this?
Chrissy and Bump 18 weeks

mum2 AJ 05, Mary-Jane 04, Rachael 99 & Jonothan 94

it probably depends on the reason u had to hve the 2nd csecttion my ob. told me after my 2nd that i could hve 1 or 2 more some pepole can hve 2 csections and the 3rd naturally but not me due to the thin uterus i hve good luck i experineced 26 hours with my 1st then had forceps then the csection and was glad not to hve to go thru any more labor pains!

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

chrissy, i'm a little worried about you staying home to have #3 after 2 ceasers. do you live close to the hospital? have u got an emergancy plan ready and tried in case your uterus tears and you need an emergancy ceaser?

like i would have given my right leg to have a natural birth, but was never allowed, which has always left me feeling like i have no control.

i just think you should think really long and hard about staying home to deliver, the hospital really would be the best place the deliver, but i do agree with the midwife about staying home and labouring as long as you can.

i've also been told by a few ob's that they would never induce a labour after ceaser nor would they allow you to labour over 10hrs, so maybe sus that out too.

just my thoughts smile

sahm to 5 midgit circus freaks

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