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Help Cant Sleep Lock Rss

Hi all
Im 38 weeks pregnant and last night i couldnt sleep to save myself. I was lying in bed wide awake watching the dirt run around on the veitian blinds wanting to clean them So i got out of bed to save my hubby from waking up and sat on here till midnight went to bed then was awake again by 5:30. I woke up wanting to do an aerobics class!!!!! Whats going on any ideas?????

I was in the same boat as you for about 2 weeks before I actually went into labour. I felt like the energiser bunny, I just wanted to keep doing stuff around the house day and night (much to my hubbys' amusement when I would start vacuuming at 11pm) and go shopping!!!(not that I could actually do much with my HUGE bump but I tried) The day of the night I actually went into labour hubby and I cut down a large gum tree in our yard (I was a week over due so was hoping to get labour started!)
I had to make myself lie down between each job I did during the day to make up for the fact I wasn't sleeping at night (couldn't sleep during the day either) It wasn't because I couldn't get comfy or wasn't sleepy, I just couldn't.
So the only advise I can give is just remeber to stop every hour or so and lay on the lounge. Is the world really going to end if something isn't clean or you have to buy take away again? REST!!
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