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Hi! Lock Rss

I just wanted to say a big hello to everyone of this board as i just found the site and think it's great...and addictive! My name is Nova, i'm 23 from Melbourne and i am currently studying Midwifery, which i absolutely love. Anyways, i love reading all your posts and i am already learning heaps from them. Hopefully i can answer some that i may have an answer to. Good Luck with all your pregnancies! =)

Nova, Vic, Nya born 7/3/03

Hi Nova,
Iam thinking of doing study in the nursing field & wanted to know do you need to do DIV 1 before Midwifery ? also how long is the course(3y?) how many days a week & is it hard when you have children? im 23 from Melb SE also, and worried i wont cope with the work load,essays ect...
Sorry for all the questions smile

ME25, DF28, DD 4, DS18 months

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