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Any POSITIVE induction tales? Rss

Hi Ladies

I am due to be induced on Thurs/Fri the 4th/5th of October - having the gel on the 4th and the drip on the 5th.

My first baby came 9 days late JUST managing to avoid induction so I don't know what I am in for.

Would love to hear from other Mums who had a good experience with induction.


Joanne, WA, DD 22.05.06 & DS 04.10.07


I had a to be induceds with my second, i was 2weeks over but had been having regular braxton hicks for weeks. They put the gel in at 8pm by 10pm I was in full on labour, my waters didnt break but after they broke them at about 1.45am my son was born at 2am. I found that i was less tired after he was born than what i was with my first who was on time,(i was in labour for 13.5 hrs with her). the labour was without a doubt more intense but a lot shorter. I am currently 8days over due with my third and it looks like i will be getting induced again.

Good luck, I hope all goes well.

no 3 has finally arrived

i was induced with the second and the doctor broke my waters and i was placed on a drip bout 5 hrs later i had bub i was one of those lucky ppl so have short labours but i thought i was gonna be scary but it's not

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Thanks for the quick replies! It's already putting my mind at ease.

My first baby was a very short, intense labour anyway so I'm actually hoping this will be the same. DD was born in about 4 hours from first twinge to delivery (not induced). My contractions were full on (none of this 10 minutes apart business) but I was so thankful it didn't last too long.

Does the drip come down once the contractions start?

Joanne, WA, DD 22.05.06 & DS 04.10.07

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I too was induced. My water broke on the Tuesday at 10:30am, at 1:30pm I arrived at the hospital and they said I was staying in. If contractions weren't well under way the next morning they said I would be induced at 11am. At 3am I noticed my niggly sore back was actually contractions, they were five mintues apart and were not actually painful.

So, at 11am in went the needle, they kept upping the fluid and by 11:45am wow, the contractions were 2 1/2 minutes apart. At 2pm I requested gas, at 4:39pm my baby was born.

I didn't tear, I was cut. The ob did a fantastic job stitching, it healed within approx 4 weeks and I it feels normal now when we have sex.

So, I am all for induction......
Hey it's great that some women out there have had positive experiences with induction.
Just being realistic here... induction carries a 50% risk of caesarian section. The vast majority of inductions require more interventions, such as epidurals, so if natural pain relief is something that's important to you that is something to consider.
Given that "full term" is defined as between 37 and 42 weeks, most hospitals are a bit over-zealous in inducing at 10 days post dates.
Also bear in mind that just because it's the hospital's guidelines, you don't have to accept the induction. If you wish to have more time to allow yourself to go into labour naturally you are entitled to do so.
I hope everything goes beautifully for your labour and birth.

Mama to an '04 boy

Well I was induced (ARM and drip) with my first due to slow progression, he was large and also posterior, had no problems, it was pretty intense but did it without drugs.

I am being induced on Monday (8th Oct) with my second due to my baby being large and am looking forward to it, it means my inlaws can travel the night before to look after DS for us, and my mum lives on the other side of the country and can fly in the day before and be at the birth.

Just remember KC26D4 the subject is 'Any POSITIVE induction tales?'. My Ob/Gyn will only induce if she thinks there is good reason to do so and I trust her judgement 100%.

DS 22 months DD 9 Oct 07

Thanks for your replies.

Rastus: I am also being induced a bit earlier than usual due to a large baby last time and a third degree tear.

Joanne, WA, DD 22.05.06 & DS 04.10.07

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Hello I was induced with my third, i was 10 days overdue.

I was worried that it would be really painfull cos everyone talks about how intense it is but i had the best labour ever!

Arrived at the hospital at 6am and had my waters broken at 7am - I was already 4cm dialated, they put the drip in at 8am but contractions didn't start till 9am and they wern't painfull - just felt like b/h so the m/w kept increasing the amount of oxytocin in the drip. At 9:30 I was a bit uncomfortable and she was born at 9:48am!!!! Only 50 minutes of labour and there were only about 4 contractions that really hurt. Even the m/w wasn't prepared for me to deliver that fast cos I wasn't in much pain.

You'll be fine especially since you had a short labour first time around! Good luck!

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