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Just wanting to know the sizes of ur babies and how different they were. My first was 7pound10 and a great labor my second was 10pound3 and the labor was terrible.
[Edited on 01/10/2007]
gosh you are giving my no confidence that im going to have a good labour with this baby..
my first was 3.1kilos so thats 7 pound something...
fingers crossed this baby isnt too much bigger
i will let you no after i have this baby LOL


My 1st bub was 8p10o (about 4kg) he was 10days overdue and breech (csection).

Bub #2 was 7p8o (about 3.4kg) he was 4 days early born naturally but gave me a 3rd degree tear.

I was so sure #2 was a girl because i felt so much smaller and they say that each baby is meant to get bigger.

Jesse 27/03/05 Kynan 19/07/07 Amber 12/03/09

My first child (son) was 7lb's 10'oz's
My second child born just over 19 weeks ago via a c' section was 9lb's 7oz's (due to G/diabeties)
I am pregnant again I'm thinking OMG what size is this one going to be?

Rob 26.oct.92 Shona 28.may.07 Bryce 15.april.08

My first was 7lbs 12oz (3.5kgs) terrible labour slow long and she never decended had to have an emergency c/s due to her getting distress.
My second was 9lbs (4kgs) ok labour stalled when i got to the hospital, 2nd degree tear and episiotomy because i had an epidural and had to push laying on my back.
My third was 8lbs 7.5oz (3.8kgs) 7hrs which is fast for me born at home no drugs easy as and only a small tear.

DD 4yr old, DD 3 yr old, DS 15mth old, DS due Nov

With my first, he was a short 4hr labor no drugs, small graze and was surprised the thought the pain would have been much worse. My second (different father) was a 12hr labor in total 28hrs from contractions starting. After a big stuff around they found that she was head down face up. I ended up having gas (did nothing) and then an epi cause they had to give me a drug to bring on stronger contractions to turn her. Lucky for me she turned enough that i didnt have to have a c section. Also teared and got stiches, not sure how many i think it was three or four. It was quite scary though cause her heart beat slowed right down. I wanted four kids but i think im turned off now.
[Edited on 02/10/2007]
[Edited on 02/10/2007]
I only have the one, She was 6lbs 11oz (3kgs) and i had no problems, I would even call it an easy labour

1st labour 8lb9oz, ok 1st stage, horrible 2nd stage (5.5hrs), ended with vacuum extraction, but only 1 stitch.

2nd labour, 10lb1oz, most amazing experience ever, no stitches totally drug free, pushed bubs out in 15 mins

bigger doesnt always mean harder labour and birth!

Belinda, Qld, aiden 26.01.06', brock 19/07/07

oops double post sorry
[Edited on 02/10/2007]

Belinda, Qld, aiden 26.01.06', brock 19/07/07

1st was 5lb 9 oz.... 28 hours total, 13 hours "active" labour
she was posterior and didnt turn. didnt need any assistance, had gas and peth.
2nd was 9lb 9 oz.... 9 hours all up, she was out in 10 mins of pushing totally drug free and a small graze

I've only had one baby so far, and 22 weeks along with my 2nd!

Olivia was 9 pounds, 28 hours labour - she got stuck cos her arm was up at her face which wouldnt allow my bladder to empty, had gas, peth, and epidural, pushed her out in 17 mins and had a 2nd degree tear cos her arm that was stuck flicked out with her shoulders! Thank goodness for the epidural!

Hoping that this baby will be a little smaller and ALOT quicker!

1st baby was 8lb 1oz, casearean due to breech presentation.

2nd baby 7lb 12oz, 12 hour posterior labour. Hideous! Stitches up to the woohaaaaa. On insulin gestational diabetes.

3rd baby, 9lb 13oz 4 hour labour start to finish. Apart from the last 15 minutes, labour was really quite o.k. Not really painful. Thought is was a false labour. 2 pushes and she was out. Lots of stitches though. Felt FANTASTIC after the birth. Could have just got up had a shower and left and gone out for dinner! Also had gestational diabetes. Diet controlled, but considering her size, not so sure I controlled it well enough. Only put on 4 kilos for whole pregnancy, so came out a lot thinner than before I started.

4th baby who knows? Am hoping for a 15 minute labour, no stitches and painless!! YEAH RIGHT!

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