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how to know when you start labour Lock Rss

Hi all

I'm just wondering if anybodys knows about engagement of the babies head in the pelvis.

Or about what it means to for the baby to be 3 fifths above the brim.

Thanx for your help

Donna (ZacsMum) smile

2 Under 1

hi zacsmum,
check with your gp but i think it is 3 fingers above your pelvic bone (it's the pelvic bone i'm not sure on) but it is definetly 3 fingers as they measure by placing their hand there to measure & the gap between the bottom of baby & pelvic bone.
this doesn't really give any indication as to when you will go in to labour though, my first baby was fully engaged at 31 weeks but didn't come until 40, & i think the twins were 3/5 above brim just before they were born but they say this is common with subsequent children & that only the first goes down early,

how far along are you & is this your first?

Tanya, had 3 boys under 26 months

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